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Perfume - Sweet refrain (Drama version) | Random J Pop

The drama version of Perfume's non LEVEL 3 "Sweet refrain" has surfaced and I'm not overwrought with hate that this should have featured on the album because it reminds me of "Mirai no museum" which I absolutely hate. All of #Pfrm fandom knows "Mirai no rubbish" should been wiped off of the face of the LEVEL3 tracklist and the only difference between that kiddy-ass-mess and "Sweet reflop" is the use of dubstep which feels completely over-used and unnecessary. Nakata managed to work wub-wub so well into Pusha P's "Invader Invader" and subtly snuck it into Perfume's "Daijobanai" and "Dream land" to great effect - so I'm a bit lost as to how he essentially ruined a song and bastardized Perfume's sound with it here.

Still... I hope we get surprised with a video to this song. I'm game for any excuse to watch Perfume walk around in dresses and heels and I know Nocchi would give me good drama face.

"Sweet refrain" features as the theme song to the TV drama series Toshi densetsu no onna 2 which stars Masami Nagasawa, whom I can not stand. She always stars in really good dramas, but her characters always comes off as annoying. She just has one of those faces you want to throw a glass of water at. 


  1. Yep. The dubstep ruined what would've been a "sweet" subtle song.

  2. Your comment on Nagasawa Masami is absolutely true. Her role in Last Friend pissed the crap out of me ="=

  3. 'Last friends' was when I knew there was no chance of me ever liking that girl, no matter what role she plays. Even though her man was straight up disrespecting / abusing her to the piano version of "Prisoner of love" I found it difficult to have any sympathy for her.

  4. I suffered til the end of that drama just to watch Ueno Juri. Also, blame the script writer ho! She ruined POL & Eternally not to mention her own shit~

  5. I only watched that shit because it featured Ueno Juri and Eita. I was still sprung completely sprung off of 'Nodame cantabile' when 'Last friends' rolled around.

    I was really disappointed in the direction the story went. I find it shocking that in this day and age Japan still finds it okay to televise domestic violence and rape in a J-drama, yet still don't find it 'acceptable' to have a character come out and just be gay. And if they do, there is always some type of punishment for that character. The way they weaselled out of that one with Eita's character in 'Last friends' was a joke. But that's a whole 'nother topic for discussion elsewhere.

  6. Sorry I went a bit too far, but i feel enraged every time that name pops up. :P

    I read some where that originally, Ruka would be with that dumb ho. Nishikido's character would've been dead saving the child. But The-Script-Writer changed her shit for the rating. Ueno Juri was really upset.
    Same with Innocent love, the gay guy was also gifted with a retarded woman to take care for life.

    In my opinions, homosexual in Japan is stereotyped with Hard Gay, something to be laughed at, which is sad and unacceptable.


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