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As tends to be the case with all of Leakney's albums, the weeks leading up to her albums official release date end up spawning a leak here and there. The least drip to come after the drap that was "Passenger" is the William Orbit produced "Alien". The song adheres the the Britney Jean structure as evidence by "Perfume" and "Passenger" which is that Britney is singing about her insecurities and not her pussy, and that she is actually singing the song with minimal effect placed on her vocals. For me, "Alien" is the strongest of what has dropped from Britney Jean so far. I am all about that bass line. If you liked "Criminal" (which was pretty much a William Orbit rip-off anyway) then you'll like this. It has a similar twang about it, only with a lot less guitar strumming.

I fell in love with William Orbit as a result of his work with Madgina, but once she ditched him he fell off of the radar and laid low. He reunited for Madonorrhea for MDNA which piqued my interest in that album, but I was disappointed to say the least by his contributions to that shitty-mess-which-was-not-better-than-Hard-candy-at-all. "Alien" is William back on that old school Madonna Ray of light, All Saints Saints & sinners swag and I'm digging it. All it's missing is mo' guitars and that sonar sound he used to throw into every track.

William piped up on Twitter to set the record straight on the leak of "Alien". Confirming that this version of the song is indeed official, but that it is not the final version of the song. He stated that we can expect different notes on the chorus, which I'm sure will come with a whole set of other touches and tweaks throughout the song. A middle-8 wouldn't go amiss, along with more backing vocals.

It's pretty refreshing to hear Britney singing as though she still has some fucks to give and to be taking on subject matters other than having sex and dancing - two things she no longer indulges in. But I'm not going to act for a second like I wouldn't have liked a Blackout 2.0. Danja and Bloodshy & Avant should have been cut cheques.


  1. If brit brit sings even ONE of these leaked songs live I will buy this album.

    I'm also pleased as shit that watching some of her interviews someone lowered her dose of Zyprexa and she's actually making jokes and talking like someone that hasn't had three lobotomies.

  2. How can it be official, but not final?

    I'm not going to pretend I understand what that means.

    Dumb it down for me.


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