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Britney Spears - Passenger | Random J Pop

Tides are turning two of the Mickey mouse clubs' most popular hoesl-keteers. Christina Aguilera has finally managed to top a chart other than the one at weight watchers. And Britney is struggling on the charts with two of her singles and has sprung a leak with a song from her album. Dietina Slaguilera has been up in RCA records' server room with USB keys, snatching Britney's new-new. If this album hits mediafire next week, then we know that bitch is the one that leaked it.

As with "Perfume", new leak "Passenger" features lyrics Heartney giving some insight into her actual life instead of trying to convince everybody she's a nympho or a shot caller. Two things Britney has not been able to convince anybody of since Blackout. "Passenger" also features Britney actually singing.

This is a demo version of the song, so everything about it could change for the final version, even Britney's vocals. Never forget those Blackout leaks - featuring Britney singing and even handling some back-up vocals and three point harmonies. Then the album drops and the songs are smothered in Danja's over production and Keri Hilson's vocals to the point where the tracks may as well have featured on In a perfect world.... I still listen to the leaked versions of "Perfect lover" and "Get back" over the album versions because Britney sounds better.

"Passenger" is a nice song. I don't think it's anything special, but it is refreshing to hear Britney sound humane on a track and deliver something different. I just hope that this and "Perfume" aren't a template for every song on the album, because:
  1. Both songs push Britney's vocals to breaking point and have her singing way out of her most comfortable registers. 
  2. The vocal production on both songs isn't that great.
  3. I can take 2 songs of this shit, but 7 to 8 and errrbody gon' get bored and just put on a Kelly Clarkson CD to hear these songs sung better.


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