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Britney Spears - Perfume | Random J Pop

Jive are desperate to try and act like "Work bitch" didn't happen, after everybody quickly gave up on that song and Britney threw a spanner in the works by proclaiming she wasn't happy with the sexiness in the video and seeming to want to speak more on the other songs on her upcoming album than the one which was doing the rounds as a single. Hence, the rush release of a second single, "Perfume". I know somebody in team Britney is back to grinding pills and sneaking them into her food right now. Britney done said too much about the wrong damn thing.

"Criminal" and "He about to lose me" were two of the most talked about songs on Britney's lifeless album Femme fatale and two of the songs the fandom liked most because Britney was singing on those songs with little in the way of vocal manipulation, and singing about something other than sex and sounding like she genuinely meant and cared about what she was singing about. "Perfume" follows in the vein of these two songs, with a hint of In the zone's "Everytime" and it's a really good song. Britney classily throws shade at a cheating ex by saying that she will spray her Perfume like Febreze in the hopes that when her ex visits her to pick up his shit, that he will reek so much of her perfume that his new piece will smell it on him so badly that she will want to kill herself.

Britney Spears - Perfume | Random J pop

Balladney's vocals sound strained to shit in places on this song, but generally she holds up well. Her vocals during the first half of verses in particular are unmistakably distinctive and she sounds nice, strong and stable. My biggest gripe with this song is that it ends prematurely. The strings flourish nicely and the synths build and the piano twinkles in all of the right places. But just when you're expecting this big middle-8 or another verse, the song ends. But there's enough of a song to latch onto and the makings of a hit are much more evident here than in "Work bitch".

I really hope the music video features one of these 2 video treatments:
  1. Britney working as one of those perfume tester women in shopping malls, who stalks the new girlfriend from floor-to-floor down some escalators. Eventually mustering the nerve to approach her, then spray the new bitch in the face with her perfume - leaving her blind and scrambling around on the floor screaming for help like when Elle Driver gets her eye snatched in Kill Bill vol. 2.
  2. Britney pours gasoline on the floor of an empty room of a house, strips down to her lingerie and starts popping her pussy and writhing around in it for 3 minutes. Cut to a shot of Britney walking out of the back door of the house in a trench coat looking like perfect and shit as the camera pans to the front of the house showing her ex and his new bitch pulling up outside the house. Britney turns around and stares at the house for a few seconds. The house blows up. Smell DAT perfume BITCH!
You know damn well the perfume product placement in the music video for this song is going to be out of control.


  1. I fell asleep while listening to this song. It sucks on so many levels. Oh and it's seriously the track right after Work B**ch? This album is already a shitty mess.

  2. I really like this, but you're right it does end prematurely. They definitely could've flourished the hell out of the ending with some strings and piano runs or something. (I'd say vocal runs, but I remembered who we're talking about). But, yeah, I'm actually hoping this might be a great turn for this album; more songs like this could really bring me back to Britney.

  3. Poor $h!tney.

    40 something years old with the voice of Hilary Duff, who is 20 something with the voice of Elmo before he started touching little boys and the voice of Michael Jackson when he'd raise it up a couple octaves above his natural register to lure the little boys in to recapture his childhood and capture their his padlocked bedroom with cameras outside the doors.

    Also, she just has to find a way to cheesily work "Baby" in there somewhere didn't she?

    How do the Japanese survive?

  4. RADIO talkers played this on the radio this morning and they liked it.

    I can't.

    They were like 90s $h!tney "Not yet a girl......"


  5. Whoa... Is this really Britney Spears or am I just being hoodwinked by some undercover session vocalist who sounds like her? *ahem* I am loving this song so much more than Work B*tch and I'm hoping that Britney Jean sounds more like this than that trashy Femme Fatale leftover (I have a love/hate relationship with that song; it's so bad, but it commands me to act a fool and I cannot disobey XD),

  6. "I'd say vocal runs, but I remembered who we're talking about"

    The shade!! You did that undercover weave snatch; compliment the hoe, then go in for the kill XD


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