Listen to... AVAN LAVA - So f*kt up

New York unit AVAN LAVA have touched down with a song which is relevant for the daters and hooker-upper's of today. It's a dark tale about meeting somebody you chatted with online, had sex with and caught feelings for, just for them to not message you back and act like you weren't shit. The story of every POF, e-harmony and Grindr users' life.

"So f*kt up" is the anthem for today's single and mingling modern and man and woman. It's even set over a trap beat, just to make this shit even more relevant to today and to keep you snapping fangaz and anger-hip-rolling on the dance floor. ANTHEM.

I'm sure everybody is sick to death of these trap style joints, but I can't get enough of them. I am a sucker for hood style 808's, snare rolls and synths. I fall for them hook line and sinker if they're done right and "So f*kt up" has me sprung and turnt right the way up when the chorus drops.


  1. I'd like this song better if Teddy tossed in some kind of beat or kept the sassy undertones from the verse in the chorus, but oh well... 2NE1 did good and I'm so here for that. Now, where the hell is that album we were promised in October?


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