Listen to... Namie Amuro - Tsuki

Namie Amuro - Tsuki | Random J pop

Namie is back on her ballad and R&B swag. Kind of. Which I know some fans have been desperately praying for Namie to get back onto in the wake of her abandoning it for her past two albums. She is also back to singing the majority of the song in Japanese. MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's almost strange hearing Namie sing a song in Japanese, as I've already become so accustomed to her singing in Engrish and love every hot mess second of it.

I wasn't keen on "Tsuki" at first, but it's really grown on me. The twinkly bells and shit are appeasing the Christmas mood I'm currently in and I'm liking the late 90's J-R&B vibe of the song. It reminds me of something Hikaru Utada would have recorded around her Deep river and Heart station eras. Typical Winter ballads seem to have gone out of the window for many J-Pop artists as of late and I've been missing them dearly, so it's nice that Namie went all throwback with this song.

I love that Namie has grabbed dance and pop music by the horns and ridden that shit like a crazed sex hound. But I will admit that I do miss twinkly jam ("Baby don't cly") and R&B ("Pink key") Namie just a little bit. What Namie needs to do is drop an album which is a fusion of PlayPast < Future and Feel with a little bit of Uncontrolled. It would sound on point. It would be a classic. Ayu would move to America permanently.


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