Listen to... Kylie Minogue - Into the blue

Kylie Minogue is back with her brand new single lifted from her untitled 12th studio album. "Into the blue" is Kylie's first official release since signing onto to Roc Nation in February of last year. It is completely different from her 2013 surprise leak "Skirt" which was written by The-Dream and is much more in keeping with the brightness and soaring hooks you can oft expect from Kylie. A formula which I don't think Kylie will be tampering with for her lead singles ever again after what went down for her 2007 flop-pop X - where "2 hearts" were beating together out of the top 10.

"Into the blue" is the right step for her and her team to have taken. Kylie's signing Roc Nation last year got a mixed reaction from fans. Kylie's fandom were glad to hear that she was taking steps to try and make her success work Stateside and reach the same level of magnitude at which it exists across Europe. But word of her going into the studio with Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Pharrell Williams and Rodney Jerkins sparked worry that Kylie was going to try and 'go urban'. So "Into the blue" is a nice sign that the sound she works well hasn't completely been dashed.

"Into the blue" is co-written by fellow Roc nation signee Kelly Sheehan who has co-written songs for Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and most recently Beyoncé's "Grown woman" which goes to show that Kylie's Roc nation signing will not be as simple and common denominated as her simply doing an 'urban album'. Putting Kylie on Billboard R&B bangers is not the one. The last thing Kylie's fans want is for her to pull a Hard candy. Madonna's fans are only just beginning to forgive her for that.

I don't think the song is all that great. It's very by numbers and reminds me of "All the lovers" which I couldn't stand. But, it will do what Kylie needs it to. Kylie's strongest singles are rarely ever her lead singles. It's always her follow up's which are on the money.