Listen to... Shakira featuring Rihanna - Can't remember to forget you

Shakira featuring Rihanna - Can't remember to forget you | Random J Pop

When I heard Shakira was dropping a new single with Rihanna, I thought two things:
  1. She must be cosying up with Beyoncé's rival because she's mad B didn't tell her she was dropping a new album.
  2. Shakira and Rihanna's voices together on the same song are going to make my dick shrivel up into a walnut with all o' dat farm animal yodelling.
But the song is nice. It's ska, reggae vibe feels like neutral ground for both ladies and they both sound nice on the song - although I don't think it needed Rihanna on it. Shakira could have recorded the song by herself and the song would sounded no worse off. Shakira's vocals flow over the track and meld with the music. Where-as Rihanna sounds as though she putting on a voice for the song and just shouting over the beat.

The impact of Shakira and Rihanna on a song together is only going to truly hit when the video drops. Rest assured both ladies will be looking lovely and there will be copious amounts of hip rolling and booty popping. I hope Rihanna scrubs up and looks hot. Rihanna has not looked hot to me in a music video since Loud. Ever since then she has looked like a Sloth hanging from somebody's washing line. All of these nasty tattoos and these horrid wigs and asymmetrical hair pieces. It needs to stop.

Shakira needs to put Bajan homegirl in some silk gloves, a nice wig, a sexy little dress and just make her hip roll for 3 minutes.