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Mariah Carey - You're mine (Eternal) | Random J Pop

Mariah Glitter Cray-Cray  has released her brand new single "You're mine (Eternal)" and slapped her Lambily with a release date of he roft-delayed 14th studio album The art of letting go. Mariah has just dropped this shit like there was no "#Beautiful" or "The art of letting go".

"You're mine (Eternal)" is pretty much a 2014 version of "We belong together". After the under-performance of her previous singles all of which had Mariah make a pass at steering in a different lane, I can't say I'm surprised that she played it safe with this new single of hers. Regardless of the blatant rehashing; I'll be damned - I can not resist that pulsating bassline and those stuttering synths bringing on the sexy and the throwback R&B realness. When that bass hits I'm ready to put on a towel, run me a bubble bath and then step into that shit with my towel - be about my Mariah MTV cribs shit.

This for me might quite possibly one of Mariah's better singles in years. Mariah is giving me The emancipation of Mimi and Butterfly with this single and I can't be mad at her for that. Her vocals also sound really nice throughout the song. She isn't fooling anybody with that note at the end where the recording engineer stretched Mariah's vocals until his mouse dragged off the end of his studio desktop. She sounds comfortable on this song and her range feels very controlled and consistent throughout.

As with "The art of letting go" the song coasts for far too long and just when you feel like the song is shifting into a new gear it ends. But I love the vibe of this so much that it doesn't really deter me. But I think more in the way of arranging the song so that it feels as though it's going somewhere and climaxing, even if it was subtle - would have made this song just that bit sweeter.

I can't wait to witness Miming Mimi damage this song live. I've begun to get a fair amount of my life watching Mariah struggle through live performances. Barely moving and trying to look cute in dresses which are 3 sizes too small and her anime style titties spilling all over the place.

There is also an official remix of this song featuring Trey Songz which sucks, but I bet radio and clubs spin it over the original version purely because it has him doing his best R. Kelly impression over it and it sounds more 'street'. *Dramatic eye roll*


  1. BTW the video is up


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