Listen to... Estelle - Make her say (Beat it up)

Estelle - Make her say (Beat it up) | Random J Pop

London born singer, rapper Estelle's third volume in her Love & happiness mixtape series, has been preceded by the song "Make her say (Beat it up)". Now, let's get one thing straight. The song is not about Chun-Li doing criminal damage on a car in Street Fighter. It is about Estelle wanting her pussy to get smacked down and French kissed in such spectacular fashion that it starts talking to itself and smoking on a cigarette to try and come down from it all.

Estelle has stunned everybody with this song, because never in her 10 year career has she ever been this sexually explicit before. She is just talking for two and a half minutes over 808s and finger snaps about her pussy. Nothing else.

It is strange to hear Estelle talk about her pussy and drop the F-bomb in context to her vagina, but the song itself is pretty good. The whole thing feels very old school Missy Elliott, which is a good thing. I just didn't expect as such to come from Estelle - because despite her citing Missy as a career influence, nothing she's done prior to this song has given us as clear an indication of that as this does.


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