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After the mauling that these girls got for "I got a boy", SM entertainment decided to take 2 steps right the way back for "Mr. Mr." by roping in US production talent to helm Girls' generation's promotional song as they did for "The boys" (which wasn't that great of a song). Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas better known collectively as The Underdogs were brought in to produce a song for one of Korea's most popular and underfed groups in K-Pop. The Underdogs between them have brought us JoJo's "Baby it's you", Beyoncé's "Listen", Jordin Sparks' "No air" and Britney Spears' "Mannequin" to name but a few.

"Mr. Mr." completely shifts The Underdogs signature production style for a sound which has been tailored to fit the girls and the direction it seems SM wants to take them this day of the week. Because I still don't think SM truly know where exactly they want to take these girls' sound or image. The whole vibe of the song sounds a lot like the synthy up-tempo's (notably "Youaholic" and "Animal") the girls had recorded for their Japanese studio albums, which is no bad thing - as their Japanese releases touched on styles and sounds which the girls should have been on for their Korean releases ages ago.

The verses and the refrains are hot, but the 80's shift on chorus just doesn't stick for me. I may feel differently about it once the video drops and these girls struggle with all their might to dance in time to it live. If they put Hyoyeon and Yuri in the front to work the waist and hair whips and Sunny pouts and sells sex with the eyes, it may just work.

I do like this song though. I don't love it, but I definitely feel it will be a grower for me.


  1. Hate the song. I pray the choreography is salvages something of this song given their dAncing is ALWAYS on point.

    Just no reusing set pieces for the Music Video.


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