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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Slowmo | Random J Pop

When Nakata latches onto a sound, you can always bet he will play pass-the-parcel with that shit to all of the acts he produces for.

Pussy Pamyu's "Yume no hajima ring ring" B-side "Slo mo" sounds like a mash-up of bits from Perfume's "Sweet refrain" and "Furikaeru to iru yo", but I do like it. Nakata even tried to throw some Trap on a ho too. What I can't deal with on this song however are Pussy Pam's vocals on the chorus. Some of those notes she fails to hit are horrendous. Whenever I listen to this song, it will have to be the instrumental. But I like the vibe. It's like a dialled down version of Pamyu's "Into darkness" which I really liked.

I'm quite surprised that Nakata gave Pussy this song though. The vibe of it sounds like it should have been a track on CAPS LOCK with Toshiko singing her heart out, only to have Nakata auto-tune and chop the shit out of those vocals to the point where you can't even make out coherent words (yes "SHIFT", I'm looking at'choo).

It's great to hear Nakata trying new things and it's cool that Pamyu Pamyu is along for the ride. I just wish Nakata would separate his sounds a little more. I feel as though every time the lines appear to have been drawn between Push P and Perfume's material, a new single from either Team Perfume or Team Pussy Pam surfaces and just rubs the lines out. Even A-chan had mentioned in an interview that she hears songs on the radio and wonders whether they are one of Perfume's songs, Pamyu's or Capsule's.


  1. Definitely reminded me of VOICE... but wow, this video is so, so good. Hit me right in the feels... Kyary's snatching tears along with wigs now.


  2. Well this is interesting... I feel like this should have gone to Perfume, though. Idk, yo. I like how melodic and instrument heavy Pamyu P's music is, but if this and Invader Invader are songs that Nakata are willing to give her in regards to electronic sounds, I'll bite.

  3. She forgot to show the part where she got surgery for her eyelids to make her eyes look bigger. The dumb fake bitch. No talent whatsoever.

  4. Was that Pedobear? He would not FALL BACK!

  5. God, I wish I was on drugs to enjoy her more. #basic #pedestrian

  6. I enjoyed it! Simple. To the point. It was a nice performance. Not my favorite, but it was nice. I'm really looking forward to seeing how she'll perform "Haunted", honestly.

  7. I was curious about this as soon as I saw it in that ALOOK CM a while ago. I'm actually pretty happy with the final result. But anyway, it seems Nakata's going to continue experimenting with CAPSULE and letting the new stuff bleed over as you said. And from what we're hearing so far, Kyary's next album is gonna be rife with different sounds and natural vocals to make you cringe from their charm and missed notes.
    BTW, "SHIFT" is my jam! And I couldn't help but making a song using "RETURN" as the instrumental. CAPS LOCK is a damn good album, in my opinion.

  8. yanderenightmares4 March 2014 at 05:22

    I'm really liking it but I don't think I should listen to it with headphones on.


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