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Friendly fires & The Asphodells - Before your eyes | Random J Pop

After years of playing Friendly fires' Pala album to death and beyond the grave and the afterlife, the Hertfordshire trio have finally put me out of my f**king misery with a brand new song - their first since 2011. Friendly fires front man had said numerous times in the space of their hiatus that the new material he was working on would differ from what everyone had heard on their tropical, Balearic beat tinged release Pala:
"The music – the way we’re writing and the style of it – is very different to anything we’ve done before. I think we’re still learning to write music in a different way. We want to write something long and expansive and drawn-out and, I suppose, a bit more psychedelic".
He weren't lying. "Before you eyes" is a trip. 2 minutes into the song and I slid down into my chair and onto the floor into a catatonic state like I was having a lapse reaction to weed.

Friendly fires first new release of material in 3 years is a collaboration with Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay collectively known as The Asphodells. The single will be a double A-side with the song "Velo" which has already been spun by Andrew Weatherall on BBC Radio 6 (check out a clip of it here). The song sounds like a theme for Top gear or some Formula 1 programme recorded in the 60's. Very Fleetwood Mac.

"Before your eyes" and "Velo" will release via Friendly fires own record label Telophase on March 31st. Ed McFarlane has not shared any info on when a new album will drop or if there will even be one. But the release of new music atfer dropping off the face of the planet for 4 years is a good sign that there will be more to come...hopefully. You never know with Friendly fires. They're never in any rush to release anything.


  1. To me the song just as much of a disjointed mess as " I Got a Boy." It eventually becomes catchy at "I wanna be that G.U.Y" but before that I didn't know what I was listening to. She needs to separate this into two separate songs.

  2. Don't worry Gaga. You are a GUY.

  3. This music video is a pathetic mess. It's a Minecraft commercial then it's a LEGO ad and it turns into a cheap Versace propaganda. The direction is stupid too, there are many awkward moments altogether. She should just accept the fact that this era is over and no one, except her stupid monsters (who recently told me that I don't know what real art is after I left a comment on YouTube under the video where she is puked on, saying: this mess is disgusting) cares about her.

  4. Thanks daddy, I've been waiting for Friendly Fires to release something new


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