Listen to... Beyoncé featuring Mr. Vegas - Standing on the sun (Final version)

Beyoncé featuring Mr. Vegas - Standing on the sun | Random J Pop

So, that H&M song that none of us could get out of our heads as we pondered when Beyoncé would release her damn single and album has finally surfaced in its finalized form. No ragged cut and paste jobs. Yoncé's ragga swagged second verse and the Mr. Vegas guest feature all intact.

"Standing on the sun" was a nice titillating piece of music in its snippet form which acted to the perfect backdrop to watching Beyoncé writhe on a beach and soak her dark weave in a tidal wave. But as a full length song, there's not a great deal to it. Even with it's rhythmic shifts between verses and it's catchy hook, the song never really grabs you and it doesn't feel all that well put together. Beyoncé's vocals are okay, the lyrics aren't that great and the whole thing just doesn't hold up that well as a full song. It's no wonder why Beyoncé didn't release it as a single or put it on her album. Beyoncé's made many questionable decisions in her career, but the lack of official release and album placement where this song is concerned, is not one of them. But it's a cool unreleased must have for fans and this leak (which Beyoncé probably had some hand in, as we know her shit don't do 'accidental') is probably the closest thing to a single as we're gonna get.


  1. I guess I'm the only person on this planet who thinks this song is bad. I'm glad it didn't make it to the album.

  2. So, I downloaded this 3 years ago when you posted it (I always count on your blog for all the CK news I need lol) but I recently lost some files on my is there anyway I can redownload this? I physically need Love or Game and Girl Move On. Thanks!

  3. James Smith III30 April 2014 at 09:13

    did u read the article?

  4. lol no I just rushed through it, and I only saw "nice titillating piece of music" and stuff :D

  5. Well don't you feel inadequate and stupid.

  6. Hmmm.....guess now I do then.


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