A high quality clip of "Display" drops. #Prfm fandom gets turnt up. "Hold your hand" is officially dead.

Perfume - Display | Random J Pop

We have not heard nor seen a thing of "Cling, cling". Which is fine given that the sighting of the short music video for "Display" and now a high quality clip of the song has fans well tided over until the lid is lifted on their A-side.

"Display" sounded like a winner from the raggedy fan video of the video, but the high quality clip puts the song in a whole new light and sounds even better. Nakata's dubstep works brilliantly here and bridges the gap nicely between two of Perfume's era's. The hardness in the beat during the hook and the overly electronic style feels like something from Game. Where-as the clarity and layering of Perfume's vocals (two things which songs such as "Clockwork" and "1mm" hinged on) make it feel as though it could fit on LEVEL3.

I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for from a new Perfume release, but I know it wasn't "Hold your hand" and I'm glad at what "Display" sounds like it will offer. I just hope the full song lives up to itself. I remember being in total love with "Hurly burly" based on the clip which did the rounds in a TV commercial. Then the full song dropped and I found it completely underwhelming. I still liked the song and feel it should have taken the place of "Mirai no museum of crap" on LEVEL3. But it was underwhelming as a whole because the song didn't offer anything additional outside of the 30 second preview we had all been rinsing like mouthwash until the full song was made available.

"Hold your hand" is dead. Perfume are rolling out like that song didn't exist. I wouldn't be surprised if the Perfume records intern was asked to delete it from iTunes and was asked to climb the Tokyo tower and f**k up one of NHK's satellite dishes so that Silent poor doesn't broadcast and nobody at home hears the song. It's all about the "Cling, cling" shit now.


  1. http://kyarychan.tumblr.com/post/87269784826/pikapika-fantasian-covers-track-list-revealed

    Forget about Perfume (well, for now at least :P), the full tracklisting and cover art for Kyary's Pika Pika Fantasian's been released!! And I spot three album album mixes!! Nakata is gettin' bold, y'all :3

  2. I'm liking what I'm hearing. This might be the POINT of this era! Here's hoping "Ijiwaru na Hello" ends up being the Hurly Burly! Just waiting to hear "Cling Cling" at this point!

  3. Chris Redfield30 May 2014 at 15:02

    and nocchi's vocals???????WOW!

  4. This sounds like it will be amazing, Hopefully some songs will be as... I dunno, In your face as stuff on "Game" and "Triangle".




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