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Mariah Carey - Thirsty | Random J Pop

Mariah's singles from this era (which I'm going to call the 'Messy Mimi' era, because it has been nothing but) have been lacklustre on the whole. "Triumphant (Get 'em)" was horrendous. "Already home" was generic. "Hashtag Beautiful" was a nice song, but it was pedestrian and there was zero chemistry or point in Mariah and Miguel to be on the song together. "The art of letting go" had potential, but wasn't as big and as flourishing as it should have been.

Mariah's latest single "Thirsty" is by no means great. It is essentially "Obsessed" (Part 2) with a beat on it which sounds reminiscent of "Ni**as in Paris" due to both songs being produced by the same guy.

Those who were into E=MC²'s "Migrate" will dig this song as it shares a similar vibe. "Thirsty" doesn't have enough going for it to maintain any long term lasting appeal, but it's one of her most serviceable and palatable releases to come off of Me...I am delusional thus far. "M***ah in Paris" could definitely heat up the clubs if DJ's pick it up and the 'Uh, you're thirst-eh!' call out serves itself well to be used in references by ratchets in the club who are equally as thirsty. But in no way should this have been considered as a single. It's a buzz cut at best.


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