MNEK - Wrote a song about you

M N E K - Wrote a song about you | Random J Pop

Hot on the heels of his debut solo single "Every little thing" which happy slapped us to the left with 90's R&B, London based singer, songwriter and producer MNEK is slapping us to the right with 90's dance and garage with his second single "I wrote a song about you".

The song title instantly alludes that the song is auto biographical, but MNEK has been quick to say that this is not the case and that his new song is an exercise in 'creative writing'. The subject of the song is one we've heard many times before: thoughts being consumed by somebody you love who doesn't love you back and these shitty feelings you can't shake leading you to sit in the dark, rock back and forth, sing 'la, la, la' and then be like 'This f**ker got me singing this song about them'. The lyrics are cliche'd and by MNEK's usually catchy standards they aren't that memorable. But the production on this song is hot and carries it. The music flourishes really nicely as it progresses in line with MNEK's vocals which gradually become more emotive, layered and pretty much bloom by the end of the song, which happens to be the best part which leads you wishing it didn't quite fade just yet.

"I wrote a song about you" doesn't grab you in the same way "Every little thing" did and I don't think it's strong enough to be a single. But UK radio will love the nostalgic throwback garage vibe, it will go down well in clubs and are probably already planning to put this song in their next commercial.


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