Listen to... Jessie Ware - Kind of sometimes maybe

Jessie Ware - Kind of sometimes maybe | Random J Pop

Every song which Jessie has shared from her upcoming album Tough love has been a winner. As much as I was enjoying Jessie's generosity, I was hoping Jessie Ware wouldn't release anything further off of this album, so that I'm left with some surprises when it drops. But here she is. Dropping yet another song. As silent and unassuming as Jessie is, I think she's doing this because she knows her shit is hot like fuck.

Her latest offering "Kind of sometimes maybe" following in the theme of everything she has shared from the new album thus far, in that it doesn't sound like anything she's done before. R&B singer, songwriter and serial crowd scissor kicker Miguel has co-written 2 songs for Jessie Ware's new album and this song right here is one of them. This song is straight R&B and has Jessie getting a little coy and sexy, exhibiting a side of her we've not gotten on a song before. I think the closest we've gotten to something like this is "Sweet talk" and possibly "110%".

The likes of "Tough love" and "Want your feeling" have shown Jessie step way out of her comfort zone vocally by singing in a higher range than she did for most of her debut album Devotion. But "Kind of sometimes maybe" has Jessie slink back into her mid-range croon and she never steps outside of it which is actually a shame, because Jessie sounds great when she floats around the higher keys. In the true nature of the song and give it a sense of climax, Jessie reaching for those notes and really pushing it towards the end would have made "Kind of sometimes maybe" even better and brought the sexiness of the groove to a head, because it feels lacking without it. But with that said, this is still another great song from Mrs. Ware.

I'm was sold on this new album the second she released "Tough love". All of this now is just injury time until the album finally drops.