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Chicks in Japan had better grab a wool hat, because their heads are about to get cold. Not because Winter is approaching, but because Namie is readying a new single and it is tied to a J-drama, which means she will be offering a short, back and sides to a whole bunch o' women in the pop game, whether they like it or not. I hope Ayu's ready to get faded.

Namie's new single "Brighter day" will feature as the theme to Erika Sawajiri's new drama First class. Erika's career had become a heap of shit that nobody in Japan was willing to poke a shovel at over the past 7 years. Her legacy in 1 litre no namida was probably the only thing that saved it. Namie's song being tied to the drama is probably to help offset the Erika Sawajiri effect - which is everything she's involved in becoming a mess. Namie has the midas touch, so even if the drama bombs and the ratings figures read like the calories of Kale, the song will probably be a hit. Namie will get paid regardless. That's all that really matters.

With Ballada still continuing to sell after 46 weeks and "Love story" having been a mammoth hit for her, chart success for "Brighter day" could bode well and may also help push a few extra units of Ballada. The music video will be as dry as hell. She will be walking around some house, or some warehouse in skinny jeans, those tired ass boots and a coat with the hair did straight. But we will still be searching Jpopsuki like a mo'fucka to find it once words gets out that Space shower aired it.

I'm finding it difficult to really get into "Brighter day". It's like a weird hybrid of "Baby don't cry" and "Contrail" with a bit of "Stardust in my eyes", although it never quite reaches the heights of any of these songs. But I'm willing to give it time. I might like it more once I hear it in the drama itself. I am hoping Namie will hit me with a double A-side though and give me something ratchet. That would make everything right.

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  1. You love "Dead Wrong", too? That has been my jam to come back to every time. It's such a throwback to the 90s Ace of Base kind of style of musicology. I love it.

    Glad you're finally getting FEMM onto your blog. I should warn you, tho, I believe the songs that were released as singles (or MVs, more-or-less) are actually the track list. It's been speculated that since their official website was created.

    But, still, it's an amazing array of songs… even though we've heard them all. At least it didn't take them four years to release it and then claim it as a new album *side-eyes BoA's "Who's Back"… Can't wait until Wednesday! :D

  2. 10 seconds in.......Nah.


    Oh maw gah!

  3. Let the song die.

    They whoring it out like they on some Utada Simple & Clean Sanctuary Kingdom Hearts type $h!#.

  4. Im am so hear for hearing her in Japanese again and your thoughts on what the PV will be was so funny but so true...

  5. If we thought Kris leaving EXO was major, this will be like that times ten. On a side note though: SM needs to get it together.

  6. *CompoundedIntoDust*

  7. I'm glad to see FEMM being mentioned on the blog. "Whiplash" and "White Noise" are my favorite FEMM songs. It's about damn time their debut album dropped and I'm not surprised no new songs were added. It's still a solid album nonetheless but "Fxxk Boys Get Money" sticks out on the album like a black sheep though. Oh well. :P

  8. Her recent string of songs sound refreshing after the blatant "Western Top 40" demo filled album she released last year. Yeah I said it. I'm here for this era Namie and I can't wait to finally hear my other Namie pop jam "Sweet Kisses" in 320kbps quality after being in limbo for months.

    Lately she's been consistently releasing music again that sounds like it was catered to her instead of the other way around and I'm loving it. I do hope her next single release in Spring of next year has a club banger on it. I need another "Ballerina/WILD" in my life.

  9. I'm actually really feeling this, it's a nice change.


    Yeah, its gonna be a single A-Side with two B-sides that have bew Kose make-up CM tie-ins she always does and its only but a full month away. Love the cover and promo pics, but I highly doubt "Still Lovin' You" (Al Green cover?) or "Sweet Kisses" (Jessica Simpson debut references) will be anything remotely ratchet. If they are highly combustable dance-pop or futuristic R'n'B numbers ala' PAST <FUTURE, PLAY or FEEL eras, this may be qorth a seperate purchase from that inevitable 8th studio LP next year, that'll REALLY be alright!


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