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The down low Jonas brother who went ignored for years whilst Kevin spoke for the group and Joe did the rounds as 'dat sexy one with the eyebrows' is emerging as the one who might just be the last Jonas standing with a solo career - between a solo album which is gaining traction, his stint as a TV actor and being the creative and musical director of Demi Lovato's Neon lights tour. Then there's that body of his which will keep him in issues of Men's health and every gay magazine in the Western hemisphere until his gym regime falls off.

Nick has been putting out solo music sporadically for a while and has also been writing and producing for other acts such as the likes of fellow Disney mates Zendaya and Demi Lovato; but now he's going full throttle with a new album on the way and a single which has serious hit potential and could cross him over in a way I don't think anybody saw coming.

"Jealous" is written by Nick himself, alongside Simon Wilcox and Nolan Lambroza who also produced the track. The song sounds like the musical love child of Prince and Marvin Gaye, and is bang on trend with the throwback vibe that everybody seems to be on right now. There is huge potential for this song to dominate Pop radio and take R&B radio by complete surprise.

Nick just snatched Usher's nappy fade with this shit, because this is the type of song that he should have been releasing after "Good kisser" instead of that awful mess "She came to give it to you". Usher has already had to deal with Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke pull the rug from under him on the R&B and Pop charts over the course of 2013, he don't want Nick Jonas doing the same in 2014...but he might tho.


  1. I didn't see this coming from a Jonas brother, but I really like this. I am feeling the throwback vibes of Prince and Marvin Gaye, but I am also getting hints of Miguel and Sam Sparro that turn this smoldering track into a Phoenix-like conflagration. If this is the type of music he is going to release and produce then I might actually associate my iPod with the name Jonas. I honestly thought hell would freeze over and World War Z would start before that ever happened. Thanks for sharing @Random J

  2. You are right on the money with Sam Sparro. There was another artists who was floating in my mind as I listened to this, but I couldn't place who. But it was Sam Sparro. Especially on the hook.

    Nick is emerging as the dark horse of the group. He had my attention from the joint "Love you forever" he wrote and produced for Zendaya's album, which is hot and should have been a single.

    I'm genuinely looking forward to his album, just to see what direction he takes it as a whole. I think we'll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. I'll vouch for your critique of this debut being better than Krystal Kay's first but there is NO way in hell its even in the same league or galaxy of comparative quality of "Sweet 19 Blues" or "First Love"; not to play a bsndwagon fallacy but there's a reason both we're at one time and presently the best-selling CD's ever in Asian history. Thelma is pretty and has a nice voice but there is nothing that this woman has done that'll be remembered ir cared about 10 or even less years from now. Aoyama's like the Japanese Colbie Cailat or Natasha Bedingfield: unique vocals, model looks and mostly charismatic image but little musical memorability or driving substance...

  4. I saw this video super late night earlier this week and said damn, that was super amazing! Its was catchy, we-written snd had a killer visual accompanying it. The JB's may be history for now but it looks like Nick could have 1 hell of a solo career if he stays dedicated and gets the right label and promotions behind him! These white guys are making R'nB appropriation a kick-ass pet project but I bet Nick could do 1 better than Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake on a full-length if he plays all his cards right...

  5. I am pleasantly surprise with this song. This is what Usher should have release.

  6. Sounds good I'm here for nick Jonas

  7. I'm sensing a trend. Japanese Music Sucks now.

  8. I never thought she was all that great, and I knew she would never last. She's just so dull all around. R.I.P Thelma

  9. If this isn't a great example of contemporary R&B with a classic edge done right then I don't know what is. NIck just pulled a "JoJo" and exceeded my expectations with this amazing track. The intro reminded me of a classic Donnell Jones track with a modern twist and I got Genuine/D'Angelo vibes when the hook faded.

    I never thought I would live to see the day when I would compliment a Jonas brother for their music. Bravo Nick, bravo.

  10. It's not an impossible task. I don't think any of Robin Thicke's albums are that great. And none of Justin Timberlake's albums are so next-level amazing that no other dude could come along do better.

  11. Does anyone know:

    -How many hundreds of copies of this album sold?
    -What is she saying she's making in the song "Tokeyo"? "In Tokeyo we be makin' _______" Making "0's" as in the zeros of one's salary?

    She wrote in the most recent post about her show in Osaka, how she was up til 5AM in a "hansei-kai," where she goes over everything that went wrong in the show with relevant staff. I'm assuming those things are real -- do Westerners do that? I would think they wouldn't even bother with that tradition and just carry on to Tokyo and that would be it for the Lonely Angel business.

  12. That Zendaya's album was quite a surprise last year. I really enjoyed it (actually, I bought it!).
    Unfortunately, she's (or maybe, was?) under that huge mess of a label that Hollywood Records is and bombed on the Hot 200.

  13. The first time I heard this song I thought "this might be huge".
    It fits the current top40 radio playlist, but it doesn't sound like anything else out there at the moment.
    This boy tick all the boxes: talented, makes good music and he's hot too.

    P.S. Usher's album "isn't schedule anymore".


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