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Usher - Believe me | Random J Pop

In the wake of Usher's messy VMA performance of his single "She came to give it to you" with Nicki Minaj, everybody took to Twitter asking why he didn't perform something new, and then a new song of his premiered online which made folk throw arms up and ask the question 'Why the hell didn't Usher perform this instead!?'.

Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, "Believe me" is structured and sounds a hell of a lot like Kelly Rowland's "Kisses down low". I will not hate for the copy and paste job, because "Believe me" is hot and in true Mike WiLL Made It fashion the beat goes harder than the rocks of the bottom Usher hit when he saw Justin Timberlake's first week sales for The 20/20 experience.

"Believe me" is the first Usher single in a while I've really liked. I had a little something for "Good kisser", but "Believe me" had me rock my head back and forth with the lights off and do a Dougie in the dark. I still can't say I'm looking forward to his new album though. No Usher album has done a thing for me since Confessions and even that album (as widely acclaimed as it is) took a while to grow on me. I blame "Throwback". It took me a considerable amount of time until I was able to skip past that track and listen to everything which came after it.


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