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Moxiie - Jilted | Random J Pop

Storm wig inspired (possible Ororo Munroe descendant) pop star Moxiie is back with another toxic love song, following on from her 90's deep bass banger "Anyway". "Jilted" is much more pop orientated than its predecessor, but the lyrical content is just as raw and tragic, the sound is just as ominous and it also draws from the same musical decade.

"Jilted" ticks many boxes, but there is one which is does not for me: Vocals. They feel too sparse on a song where they should have been permeating it to a point where they feel like part of the music itself. This song needed more in the way of backing vocals to beef up the chorus and really add to the ethereal vibe of the song. I kept waiting to hear Moxiie's ghosts haunt the song like it's the lover she's speaking of, but they never came. The bridge section also feels anti-climatic because Moxiie's vocals never take off and build in unison with the melody. With this said, "Jilted" is still a song with a lot going for it. I love that Moxiie is taking to singing more. It's not really her comfort zone. Moxiie had always adopted a semi recital flow which borders on rapping and had done so to much faster tempos. But the vulnerability of her vocals here mirrors that of the lyrics, making the songs that bit more tangible.

"Anyway" and "Jilted" represent yet another phase in Moxiie's so far short but varied discography, showing a different facet of her character and artistry. When I first heard Moxiie's Jungle pop and ScandiRara EP's, I never thought for a second at some point down the line that she would ever record the likes of "Anyway" and "Jilted". But they are pleasant surprises, exhibiting a willingness to pull a hard left on her fans and listeners, something more established / mainstreams acts could benefit from if they had the balls to take any form of risk.

As I listen to "Jilted" I can't help but think how much it feels like something Namie Amuro would have recorded for Feel. Not completely out of context given that Fredro the producer of "Jilted" had worked on Feel. If ever there was an emissary for Fredro and Moxiie to pen and produce for Namie Amuro's next album, this right here could well be it.