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Ciara's one constant since her debut album Goodies has always been that she shines on slow jams and mid-tempos'. "Other chicks" was a highlight from her debut, "Promise" was a wonderfully unexpected lead single from her follow up The evolution, and the love everybody had for "Body party" showed that more people are here for Ciara putting it down on something smooth than shouting over some tired Afrika Bambaataa ripped off, crunk sounding piece of shit. Ciara embraces this for her latest single "I bet" and she comes off all the better for it.

"I bet" is all about cheating deadbeats. Ciara will never confirm nor deny the song is about her aspiring rapper boyfriend Future (real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn), but the song speaks volumes. To put you up to speed on Ciara's ghetto romance, she and the Future started dating. She had a body party. Future was invited. She got pregnant. She gave birth to a child and named it Future. Then Future cheated on Ciara with some stylist ho. Future and Ciara broke up. But then Ciara took him back for the baby. It's always for the damn baby. Ciara can deny and play hush all she wants, but this song is definitely about him and no amount of having Future make like Fatman Scoop over the track like shit is cool between them will deflect from that.

All I've been listening to as of late has been mid 90s / early 00s R&B, when everybody was putting guitars and harpsichords on a track - so "I bet" feeds right into my current palette. I love the production, I love the vibe, I love the hook, but I just cannot get into the verses. Between Ciara's flow, Future's shouting and some of the cringe-worthy lyrics, they just do not hold. It's a testament to the strength of the chorus and the music, because even in the face of these shortcomings, I still really like this song.

A remix to this featuring Usher would be greatly welcomed. The more I listen to this song, the more I can hear it in my head.


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