Avan Lava - Leave it all behind & Wanna live

Avan Lava - Leave it all behind & Wanna live | Random J Pop

With the upcoming release of their EP Make it real, Avan Lava have been extremely generous in allowing fans to hear full songs off of it ahead of its March 31st release date, and from the sounds of things Avan Lava have just one thing on their minds: Dancing and fuck all else.

Dance has also been at the core of Avan Lava's material, but within different spheres. Their amazing 2012 EP Flex fantasy focused on 80s pop with hints of Balearic beat. Between then and now Avan Lava had dipped into some house and even some trap. But the watch word for Make it real seems to be euphoric dance, with rave inspired synth lines, progressive builds and sub bass lines being the order of the day.

"Leave it all behind" and "Wanna live" are both different sides of the same coin. Lyrics about leaving all of your emotional baggage at the cloakroom and letting loose on the dance floor. "Leave it all behind" is offset by a fast paced dark and ominous groove. If we want to liken it to a dance move, then it's straight up head down, hair whipping from left to right with an occasional 2 step and a fast whine alone in a corner of the dancefloor. Whereby "Wanna live" is pure euphoria: hands up and fist pumping until you've sweated through every layer of your clothes.

For those of you who are currently wired into Capsule's Wave runner album, you'll find solace in these songs. Especially "Wanna live" which has a "Unrequited love" vibe going for it.

Leave it all behind

Wanna live


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