Listen: Brayton Bowman keeps it "Real"

If you are following MNEK on Twitter and Instagram, then chances are you will know of Brayton Bowman - who is not only a fellow singer / songwriter, but also happens to be MNEK's boyfriend. The two of whom have been making sweet music together in the literal sense, blending Brayton's take on soul with MNEK's sharp production.

MNEK had co-written and co-produced Brayton's song "Skin deep" which was released in March of this year and had also been the one pulling the strings and twiddling the knobs on Brayton's acclaimed refix of Britney's "...Baby one more time". Now as Brayton steps out with his new single "Real", a quick scan at the credits will reveal MNEK's involvement, yet again.

"Real" is a song about people who are anything but. We all know these types. We work with these types. Some of us are even friends with these types. But you'll be forgiven for not really taking in the subject matter of the song, because once the chorus drops and the beat pops off you may be pre-occupied with rocking your head back and forth or hitting that nae nae.

Brayton thanks the jokes and flakes he'd met on Tinder for inspiring this song, but he may be the one having the last laugh: between a career that's in the stage of blossoming, along with a relationship with a guy who just happens to be producing and writing hits, left, right and centre and is supporting his boo at every opportunity. Now that right there is real.