Listen: LIZ and SOPHIE drop their pop bop "When I rule the world"

Liz - When I rule the world (Produced by SOPHIE) | Random J Pop

LIZ has been releasing free music and dropping songs here and there for a while, but she may have finally struck the port key that sends her head first into the mainstream with "When I rule the world". Not only is it produced by London pop producer SOPHIE notable for his involvement in QT's "Hey QT" and more recently Namie Amuro's album cut "B who I want 2 B", but the song is also featured in Samsung's GIF inducing video for their Galaxy S6 phone.

"When I rule the world" is completely different from the R&B and 90s Garage loving LIZ we had heard on her EP Just like you. But it is in greater keeping of her overall persona than anything she had done before. It's one of her first songs where we get some sense of her personality. Do not get me wrong. I LOVED LIZ's Just like you EP. But there was nothing in any of the songs that really made LIZ herself stand out. The songs had character, but this all came through in the production, and was never channelled through her.

LIZ makes no secret of how much she loves Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Glitter, Unicorn, Care bears, old school Britney and all that shit. Her work with SOPHIE sits synonymously with this, making their union a match made in PC music heaven. "When I rule the world" gives LIZ a lot of bandwidth to really play up and sell herself it in ways none of her previous material allowed her to.

"When I rule the world" plays to LIZ's strengths of having a Pop / radio friendly voice and SOPHIE's penchant for delivering what can only be described as pop bangers. The song has me so sprung that I hope somebody pairs the two of them up to work on LIZ's debut full length album.

If Liz's team know what's good for them and her career, they will do right by the song. They will shoot a highly polished Bat shit video of Pussy Pam proportions. They will service the song to UK radio as well as US radio. They will pimp this song in Japan and have her drop a version which features M-Flo.

Gwen Stefani must surely be looking at Pharrell with disdain, wondering why she bothered with him for that "Spark the fire" nonsense, when she could have been fucking with SOPHIE to get something like this.


  1. Actually Avant didn't produce this. It's just Bloodshy. They split up a few years ago.

  2. Song is pretty okay, but give a bitch more than 500 yen for a music video budget next time.

    Also, let me just say that I am personally outraged by m-flo's last three albums. If you wanna go all EDM then okay whatever but at least make it semi-competent EDM. Taku and Verbal do fine-ish on their own, but putting them together these days results in only crimes against music.

  3. It's a shame they couldn't edit this video deceivingly enough to hide the fact that Hilary can't dance.

    Then again I guess that's what the Tindr version was for.

    But yeah, she can't dance and she literally has no curves. Her midsection is a straight parallel line from one side to the other. No quadratic equations anywhere.

    And she looks like Alyssa Milano and Julianne Moore.

    And the song sucks.

    I like her though.

  4. Blasted them wrinkles out with the BRIGHTEST LIGHTING.

  5. Doesn't sound like her at all. Then again neither does Selena Gomez in her new song.

    Must be the new thing. Skew your vocals to the extinct that it doesn't sound like you in the slightest. All shame aside.

  6. ♥Cat♦On♠The♣Street♥21 July 2015 at 03:23

    ewwww. I hope this faux indie/hipster/kale-quinoa eating/I'm quirky/I-wear-native-headdresses-to-coachella/ I'm-a-caged-bird singing style does not become a trend. I cringed at Selena's new vid and now Demi...Yuck!

  7. Finally updates. :)
    Are you going to review _genic?

  8. I don't like this song that much, or the video that goes with it. Demi has a really unique vocal style and range and that's what's carried her. But this is too "trying" for me, though I'm sure the radio will eat it up. It's like she's putting on a show with everything she's never tried before. Sexiness. Hair. Make-up. Fake-tan.

    I'm good on this, thanks but no thanks, will pass it to the left.

  9. I'd love a review for "WALK OF MY LIFE", too, all Koda Kumiko in the Krypt shade aside.


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