Listen to... Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy - Make me

Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy - Make me | Random J Pop

After derailed Britney's streak of hits with Britney Jean and Britney inadvertently slammed the final nail into the coffin of Iggy Azalea's career with "Pretty girls" - Britney's been pretty quiet on the music front and has instead been focusing on shuffling around the stage of her Las Vegas for her residency.

But 2 years after the release of the dismal Britney Jean and a new perfume to flog, Britney is back with a new single. "Pretty girls" was a false start ya'll. THIS "Make me" joint is THE new single. Expect "Pretty girls" to end up on the forthcoming album as a Japanese bonus track. Shout outs to Ariana Grande's "Focus".

"Make me" is a nice. It's nothing big, or amazing. It's just nice, which is why it works. Britney's lead singles have always been big, pop ear worms. But here we are with a lead single which is mid-tempo, soaked in R&B which doesn't immediately stick and it features some white Drake knock-off. It took me a while to get into it, and I can't see myself playing it as often as some of Britney's past singles. But I do like it. It is better than "Work bitch". It is better than "Pretty girls" and if Britney delivers with a strong music video, then I could be further swayed.

It's going to be interesting to hear how Britney's new album turns out, after the mega floppage of Britney Jean, and Femme fatale being written off for being so safe and void of any personality.

Britney still isn't able to move how she did before, despite the YouTube comments of her Vegas show vids being littered with 'SLAY MAMA' when all she does is drop into the splits one every 30 minutes and flail her arms off beat. But she seems to be enjoying herself and in the public eye she's finally starting to look, sound and come across like her old self again, which is nice to see. So hopefully this will translate into her music. She already sounds far more engaged vocally on this song than she was for most of Britney Jean and the whole of Femme fatale (with the exception of "He about to lose me").


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