Toni Braxton returns with her new single "Deadwood"

Toni Braxton - Deadwood | Random J Pop

Toni Braxton is making her comeback with a new album Sex & cigarettes which is preceded by its lead single "Deadwood". Toni is setting herself up for jokes with a song title like this if it flops and her album follows suit. Especially given the state of her career and the one thing which always gets brought up with Toni: her bankruptcies. "Gurl, your career is deadwood". "Deadwood gon' be all yo' ass can afford". I can see it now.

But single titles and flop connotations aside, "Deadwood" is a really nice song. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting from Toni's new single, but I know it wasn't this. She seems to be channelling more of the seductive sound of her Babyface collabo Love, marriage & divorce, and I'm here for it. The production on this song is gorgeous. I love the guitars, the strings and how smooth Toni's vocals are. It's nice to hear that after all of these years her voice still sounds as good as it does.

It will be a shame if "Deadwood" doesn't do well on the charts, because it really does deserve to do well. It's far more down-tempo and reflective than pretty much everything else that's out right now, but given the time of year and what's happening in the US right now, it may actually work in Toni's favour. Her not trying to chase a trend or compete is refreshing, given that with every album from More than a woman onward that's exactly what she attempted to do with varied results of failure.

I don't think I've latched onto a song of Toni's this strongly since "He wasn't man enough" in 2000. It's crazy to think that song is now 17 years old. Damn...