How Mariah's #1 Korean fan rolls...

Mariah headed to Korea to promote her "It ain't gonna sell nowhere near as many copies as The emancipation of Mimi and will probably sell less than E=MC²" release Memoirs of an imperfect angel. Her activities included hitting up a Korean variety show, where she got to meet her #1 Korean fan. This fan is no joke. Home girl is now Korea's number 1 lamb.

If I was to ever make it big as an artist, I'd want that chick to be MY fan. I'd have her roll on my bus and everything. She rolled off Mariah's song title in a serenade like it was nothing. "You're my all, my hero, my honey!" Somebody get this girl a song writing deal. But that Minnie Ripperton note sealed the deal. She actually hit it! How good she sounded doing it is questionable. But she hit that note.

I love whoever that fan was. She needs to set up a YouTube account and do renditions of Mariah's hits. I'd subscribe with the up-most quickness.