Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kimi ga ii ne kuretara

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back with a new single. And whilst Kyary hasn't been off-brand with anything that she's released over the past 2 years, there's definitely been some attempts to try and 'grow her up' or repackage the crazy. But "Kimi ga ii ne kuretara" is a return to Kyary doing Kyary in her purest of forms.

The wildest thing about this video isn't seeing Kyary with a moustache and a beard. It's the usage of popular brand logos. A bitch is about to get sued by SEGA, Pizza hut, Instagram and Coca-Cola.

"Kimi ga ii ne kuretara" is a far better single than anything we got from Japamyu or even Pikapika fantajin. But it highlights one of the biggest problems when it comes to J-Pop's format of releasing singles; which is that it carries the theme and vibe of the album that the artist had last released, as opposed to something new and indicative of what the next album will sound like. "Kimi ga ii ne kuretara" sounds like a Ja…

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