Album review: Kumi Koda - Re(CORD)

Kumi Koda's music hasn't been all that good for years. Everything we've gotten over the past 10 years with the exception of Color the cover has ranged from awful to just overwhelmingly mediocre. And I'mma just tell you now that Re(CORD) does not break the streak, and manages to be both.

From W Face onward, Kumi has become obsessed with Trap music and has featured it so prominently on her last couple of albums, that it's been what has defined them. But the issue with her still working this angle for Re(CORD) is that it causes all of these albums to bleed into one. There is very little distinction between W Face (Outside), DNA and Re(CORD). Throw all of the songs from each album into a playlist and try to discern which song is from which album without having a Wiki page open.

Good luck with that.

Re(CORD) does what every Kumi album does, which is just serve sounds based on what I honestly can't tell is either how Kumi would like to see herself in music or how sh…

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