Music video: Samara Smith may have done something with "How do you sleep?" and I'm a bit shocked

When I saw the teaser for Samara Smith's new song "How do you sleep?" and I saw choreography, I was intrigued. Because...I just was. Because she don't dance. But occasionally Samara pops up on my feeds, and over the past few years she's been losing weight, feeling her queer oats, wearing heels and women's clothes. So, I thought 'Okay. She's might actually do something with this'. And a bitch did. And I'm kinda flabbergasted, because I've never liked a single thing that Samara has done and now I done gave a bitch 99p for a download of this new single and I've watched the music video multiple times.

"How do you sleep?" is and a nice switch of gears for Sam, who is primarily known for slower more mid-tempo jams. His collaboration with Calvin Harris and his duet with Normani makes his direction with this single less of a shock. We now see this was potentially what he was building to. And it works. It really fucking works.


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