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Random J pop playlist: Crystal Kay - Sparkle (a Christmas EP)

I'm always up for any excuse to show love to one of Japan's most criminally underrated artists, whose music is now caught in such a downward doo-doo spiral.

I'd mentioned back in 2016 when I first reviewed Crystal Kay's 11th studio Shine that half of it sounded like a Christmas EP. I'm sure that this was not a revelation to anybody who listened to that album, because the holiday angle of it was far from subtle, between the name of the damn album, the cover and that half of the songs featured jingle bells. So, with that I've trimmed the fat and slapped together an EP of the festive cuts from Shine, with a couple of other Christmassy songs from what of Crystal's discography is available on Spotify. Which is nothing. Of course I've love to add "One", "After love -First boyfriend-" and "Deaeta kiseki" to this shit too, but Sony want to lock her Epic records catalog to Japan, so, [Oprah shrug]

I call this shit Sparkle.

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