Ai commits blasphemy by flippin' a Namie classic with "Baby you can cry" *Lightning strikes*

J-R&B singer Ai is celebrating her 20th anniversary in the game and so, of course, she's released a Best album, titled Kansha!!!!! -Thank you for 20 years New & Best-. The album features a disc of new songs and covers, and a disc of 17 selected songs from her discography. For a Best release and one commemorating 20 years, this shit is pretty light.

But the best album is not what we're here for. It's one of the new songs, "Baby you can cry" - a flip on Namie Amuro's popular 2007 single "Baby don't cry". Ai really chose to touch what is considered to be a beloved song amongst the Naminions.

She a brave bitch.

I'mma try and check my love for the original at the door. Especially considering that Namie doesn't sound too wonderful vocally on the original and that the bridge section is a badly mixed mess.

Now. I don't hate this song. But I still feel that we could have done without it. I get that AI was probably paying a homage to …

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