Crystal Kay is preparing to record a covers album and it might be my fault

Crystal Kay casually let slip that she's gonna do a cover album. Of course, this is not official until somebody in Japan sends out the fax. But it's come from Crystal herself,'s coming. We don't know when. She's not even started to record the damn thing. But it's coming ya'll.

Now. I'm not saying that it's because of me. But I did hit Crystal with a comment on her Instagram about doing a cover album a while back, to which she replied that she'd keep it in mind. She clearly did, because HERE WE ARE BITCH.

Credit me unofficially as an executive producer. Unless it's a flop. In which case, I had nothing to do with any of this.

Covers albums are funny, because I'm wholly dubious of them. I always feel as though Japanese record labels treat them as cash-in's or see them as low hanging fruit grabs. It was such a shame to see how this all played out with Beni; who released a Covers album just because and caught the biggest hit of h…

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