A music video mood board: Mariah Carey - A no no

Music videos are important. Nobody really ever wants to spend hella money on them. But they are necessary, more so now than ever in an age of YouTubing and mass content consumption. But the shitty thing is that the songs that deserve a music video, don't always get one. And sometimes when a song that we stan does get a video, it ends up shit.

So I've decided I'mma start putting music video mood-boards out into the Internet, the Universe, what-ever-the-fuck. And first-up, is a music video mood board for Mariah Carey's anthem for consent and getting-the-fuck-all-the-way-out, "A no no".

This is for the album version. The tentative remix which should hopefully feature Missy Elliott and Lil' Kim would be a re-creation of the "Ladies night" video and feature cameos from the all of the original ladies. Epic records. Team Mariah. If ya'll use this idea, you better DM me a PO number I can charge against.

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