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Album review: Mariah Carey - Glitter

On the eve of the release of Mariah's 15th studio album, Glitter had soared to the top of the US iTunes chart. Mariah Carey's powers grow powerful on the run up to Christmas, which is also when the gay coven grow equally powerful. The album that was commercially mauled and killed Mariah's streak of chart success topping charts 17 years after its release would be seen to some as justice being paid to an album that got more flak than it actually deserved.

But whilst fans have always had a soft spot for Glitter, its the one album that Mariah pays absolute dust to. It's understandable as to why, given that the album represents a career and a personal low. Mariah's 3 year romance with Latin American superstar Luis Miguel had come to an end. Her relationship with her ex-husband got so bad that it forced her off of the record label she'd been at since the start of her career. And the film of the same name that Glitter was the soundtrack to made Mariah a laughing stoc…

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