Random J deep cut: Hikaru Utada - This is love

I have a list of my favourite Hikaru Utada songs and "This is love" is in it.

I remember the first time I heard "This is love" song and something just clicked beyond the joy of finally having another new Hikaru Utada song to listen to before Ultra blue finally came out. An album that I'd felt like I was waiting for for-fucking-ever.

Part of being a non Japanese speaking J-Pop fan is having to enjoy a song without really knowing the lyrics unless you hit up But in many instances, between the song title and the music itself, much of what the song is about is so inferred that you can kinda just...feel it.

Hikaru Utada's "This is love" was one of the first songs where I didn't have to put much into gathering what the song was about. It just struck me the moment I listened to it. I just knew what the song was about. It was weird. It was almost like hearing the song in English.

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