Random J Pop playlist: This is Miss Jackson ('cos I'm hella nasty)

Today is Janet Damita Jo Jackson's birthday, so I did something that is LONG overdue and I shoulda done did before, and made her a Spotify playlist.

Spotify already has one of their official This is Janet Jackson playlists, but it's absolute garbage. It misses out a bunch of songs, whole albums and isn't reflective of the boppery, the ho'ery, the slowery or the dancery that Miss Jackson has given us for 30 years. So of course, I had to correct it.

I'm sure fans are gonna see this playlist and cuss me out and tell me 'I think you missed-', but this is still better than what Spotify gave y'all.

You're welcome.

News is pretty much non-existent on whether Janet is working on a new album. At one point it seemed that she was and she let us know it. There was rumours of an EP and her doing soemthing a little different from just dropping a standard full length. But now a bitch is doing her Las Vegas residency, enjoying her life, looking bomb whilst doing i…

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