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Hikaru Utada's "Good night" features in the latest trailer for Penguin highway

Hikaru Utada's song "Good night" from her 7th studio album Hatsukoi features in the anime adaptation of the manga novel Penguin highway. Unlike the folk at Square Enix, whose Kingdom Hearts III trailers have done "Chikai" / "Don't think twice" any form of justice, Studio Colorido did a much better job of editing the footage to match the song. But it leaves me slightly triggered about that phase in Hikaru Utada's career where she was putting out songs, but was still low key done with the music industry and refused to appear in any of her music videos.

Oddly enough, this doesn't feel miles away from the type of video that we probabaly would have gotten had Hikaru Utada had a live action one shot. We know Hikaru Utada has a thing for interspersed shots of things other than herself, from her "Sakura nagashi", "Manatsu no tooriame", "Hanataba wo kimi ni" and "Hatsukoi" videos. But it still feels a little…

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