Music video: Taylor Swift - You need to calm down | Gurl, this is not the one

I wasn't gonna bother posting about Taylor Swift's new song and video, because it's Taylor Swift. I never post anything about her 'round these here parts of the Internets. But, HERE WE ARE BITCH.

Taylor is making me feel all types of ways with everything she's done since the release of "Me", the lead single from her 7th studio album Lover, due on August 23rd. Starting with that Billboard music performance. I did write a little something about it, but that shit stayed in my draft folder, because as I always do, I just sat on it for too long. But in short, here is what I thought about it.

Now, I'mma get this out of the way here and now. I do not hate Taylor Swift. I actually played her 1989 album quite a bit and thought it was a really good album. "New romantics" was and still is my shit.

Taylor has a lane. But the problem she's encountered over the past few years, is that every time she feels brave and wants to move out of it, she causes…

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