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Ayaka celebrates turning 30 with a tour

Ayaka ain't letting that Graves' disease stop her for shit, because she's embarking on a 27 date national tour that will kick off right before Christmas and carry her right the way into Spring of 2019.

The fact that we're mere months away from 2019. Bitch, I can't even. Time is flying by so fast that my wig can barely keep its placement.

December 16: Osakajo hall
December 26: Nippon Budokan
January 12: Kanazawa Opera
January 14: Rohm theater Kyoto
January 19: Kagoshima citizens' cultural hall No. 1
January 20: Kagoshima citizens' cultural hall No. 1
January 25: Shiga prefectural cultural industry exchange center event hall
January 26: Fuji city cultural center Rosé theater great hall
February 3: Kobe international hall Kokusai hall
February 10: Beijia cultural hall (Gunma prefectural civic center) great hall
February 11: Nagaoka city theater
February 16: Sendai sun plaza hall
February 17: Sendai sun plaza hall
February 23: Shunan city cultural center

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