Kyary gives a Kabuki style show that looks how her last album shoulda sounded

On July 30th, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu held a special Kabuki theme show, which was in celebration of the end of Japan's Hesei period and the ushering in of Reiwa.

It would have made far more sense for this Kabuki themed show to have been her concert theme in support of Japamyu. Doing so may have kept the album on the ORICON chart for more than a minute and helped it chart in the top 10. This shit was like giving a Christmas performance in January. Kyardi P really did more for Miss Reiwa than her own album.

But, anyway.

Kyary uploaded a video which shows highlights from the show, and some of the preparation which was involved to pull off what looked like a great show.

It's nice seeing more of Kyary behind the scenes and seeing the effort she puts into her shows. She's not much of a performer, but the bitch works hard and stays on her grind and I admire that. And to be on stage under all those lights and having to dance in the outfits that she does?! I could never. It does not tak…

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