JoJo has a real-ass word with herself in "Joanna"

JoJo has been giving us regular updates on new material over the past couple of years, and no doubt fans were wondering if they'd ever hear it, because of...*cough* Previous situations.

But that time has come, and JoJo has put "Joanna" out into the world. A song in which JoJo has a very real conversation with herself about her self doubts. It's real as hell. And for this to drop around world mental health day!?


I absolutely adore this song. Fans won't be surprised at what JoJo is speaking of here, as she's always been very candid about her feelings in regard to her career and the setbacks that she's faced throughout it. But that doesn't make "Joanna any less of a stinger. Because the same doubts that JoJo has, are things that have been put to her by other people. And not just haters, but fans too. Which just compounds the doubt and makes it worse, because you get in your own head and think 'WELL, IF THEY THINK THAT TOO'.

JoJo is sp…

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