The explicit version of Perfume's face mask bop "Nananananairo"

Perfume have been somewhat struggling to move out of 'kawaii' territory, and instead seem to be flying into it at light speed as they get older. Perfume came out with Game at the age of 19 with songs like "Secret secret" and "Take me, take me" to dropping Future pop just as they turn 30 with songs like "Tiny baby" and "Everyday".

I don't understand Perfume's team and their reluctance to let the girls' music grow up. And it is a real ass reluctance. Because "Nananananairo" is that same cutesy shit that Perfume should have already left behind. Although it does feature non-sickly-sweet moments that I could work with. So I decided to make "Nananananairo" grown by giving the booty bass drop some vocals.

I've really been trying to do the work, take matters into my own hands and move Perfume into that grown woman space. Giving  "Fake it" and "1mm" their true meanings, gracing "Future…

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