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Random J Pop playlist: This is Max Martin

A few nights ago a friend and I were having a full blown WhatsApp conversation on Max Martin's back in the day bops. Ya know, that good Britney, ★NSync and Backstreet boys shit. We usually end up having this trip down memory lane at least once every couple of months and it's always like we're having it for the first time. But on this occasion it dawned on me that 'I CAN MAKE A DAMN PLAYLIST OF MAX MARTIN'S BOPS' so that's what I went and did*.

*Spotify only ya'll. Sorry Google music and Apple music users. But there's every chance similar playlists exist on both platforms. I's Max Martin, bitch!

Max Martin is one of the most prolific song writers and producers in Pop. This is not subjective. It is fact. Max Martin is a legend and his contributions to Pop and music as a whole have already gone down in history. But unlike many of his producer peers, Max isn't interested in being a celebrity, which is why you'll find very few vide…

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