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Single review: Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj - The light is coming

When Ariana debuted a snippet of "The light is coming" during her iheartradio Wango Tango set, I was amped to hear the song in full. I'd known that Pharrell had worked on Ariana's 4th studio album Sweetener, but did not expect him to give her something that sounded so N.E.R.D-ey. But having heard the song in the full, I now know why Ariana only performed a snippet of it live. Because there is only part of a song.

"The light is coming" sounds like a demo. A really rough, far from finished demo. Put together with pieces that could work, but don't, because there's nothing really holding them together.

If there's one thing about Pharrell and Neptunes productions, it's that they're not for everybody. Sometimes Pharrell gives his subjects the grace of a song that's tailored somewhat for them. But that didn't seem to be the case here. Pharrell pretty much gave Ariana a N.E.R.D beat, but with no real direction on how she should ultimate…

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