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Album cover & tracklisting: MNEK - Language

MNEK has been knocking around releasing singles and writing for other people for so long that I forgot that he didn't even have an album out. But, the time has come... *RuPauls' drag race thunder sound effect* and MNEK will finally release his debut album Language on September 7th.

MNEK look as of late has been wearing nightwear looking ass silk tops and bottoms like he's kicking it at home. So it's no surprise to see him boo'd up in silk on his album cover. And for him to be draped by a black man it too? YES. BITCH. You better do that. Every time I walk past his album on display in a supermarket, I'mma be like...

Just going on his looks alone, MNEK has really started epxloring and finding himself over the past couple of years. Seeing him go from that that slightly awkward black boy in "Every little thing" to the confident queer black man we saw serving on a table top in "Tongue", it's great to see. We need more black queers folk in mai…

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