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Album Review: Crystal Kay - Almost Seventeen

Perfume to release a 7 track Polygon Wave 'EP' in September

DaBaby comes out on stage in a full clown beat and makes ignorant comments on HIV

So, it turns out that Perfume were a part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony all along

Lil Nas X gives gay prison in "Industry Baby", and the straights are mad...again

Kumi Koda releases her feel good song "We'll Be OK", and we've all heard it before

Album review: Kelis - Wanderland

People jokingly mistake Naomi Osaka for Crystal Kay, and Crystal is TIRED

Riri launches a "Luv Dejavu" TikTok challenge, giving us what the music video shoulda gave

Kumi Koda holds a mini livestream gig and shows Final Fantasy X-2 some love

Riri (not THAT Riri) serves up a J-R&B Summer jam with "Luv Dejavu"

Coca-Cola release Tokyo Coronalympics song "Colorful", and it ain't that colourful

Syd does lesbian thangs in her "Fast Car" and Prince (probably) approves

Album review: Crystal Kay - 637 -Always & Forever-

Random J Playlist: Summer Wave | "Polygon Wave" adjacent dance songs

Album review: Kiley Dean - Simple Girl

Watch the 2021 edition of Hikaru Utada's Live Top Fan Picks before it gets 'archived'

Arlo Parks comes for Mr. Kipling and Aunt Bessie with "Too Good"

Perfume kick-off their "Polygon Wave" TikTok challenge

Tinashe shows us pussyrobics in "Bouncin"

SM Entertainment serve a little Doja and Dua for Taeyeon's "Weekend"

Omar Apollo drops his lonely-in-the-greenhouse-thanking-'bout-my-boo-thang anthem "Go Away"

Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" on Ongaku no Hi and Nocchi is no longer living for it

Normani drops her "Motivation" follow up "Wild Side", after 84 years

Random Ass Post Vol. 10: Brought to you by zero productivity

Perfume's "Polygon Wave" gets vaporwaved

Album review: Snoh Aalegra - Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies

A chunk of Perfume's discography is mysteriously removed from streaming services

Kumi Koda gives a cute performance of "Megumi no Hito" to remind y'all that her cover albums is where it's at

Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" on Music Station, and Nocchi is still livin' for it