Music video: Shinichi Osawa, Verbal and Crystal Kay collaborate for "Tayutau"

LDH seem to be pimping Crystal Kay out for collaborations. But I'm here for anything that will help divert my attention away from how lacklustre her last album was. So, BRING 'EM ON.

LnoL is a collaborative project between Shinichi Osawa, Verbal of M-Flo and classical pianist Yaeko Takemura. The purpose of the project is to create songs based around a classical piano, but with odd twists under the concept of 'Classical but future'. A nice concept, which will surely highlight that classical music and popular music aren't as estranged on paper as they seem, as their worlds collide and meld often. The lead song from the project "Yayutau" features none other than Crystal Kay. An artist who had a popular hit with the song "Konna ni chikaku de..." a song which featured live strings and acted as the theme to the anime adaptation of Nodame cantabile, a story about a classical pianist. Then layer that with the fact that Shinichi Osawa and Verbal of M-Fl…

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