The original Sugababes return to music and TV, and snatch my wig back into the year 2000

The Sugababes are back. Not those Sweet 7 masquerading hoes. The original trio. No more MKS or Mutya Keisha Siobhan. They are officially the Sugababes again. Us fans always called them the Sugababes anyway. But it's great to know that music they release now will be under the name they rightly deserve.

The Sugababes appeared on The Graham Norton show for their first televised performance in 6 years. And if we really wanna go there, this is the first time that the original trio have performed on TV officially as the Sugababes in almost 20 years! So their resurface was a huge deal and one that fans have been looking forward to ever since "Flatline" flat-lined on the charts, and all hopes of an album died with the song.

"Flowers" is a well known song here in the UK and a bit of a Garage national treasure. The song was a huge hit (the only hit) for female duo Sweet Female Attitude in 2000, during a time when Garage was making its way from the clubs and white labels…

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