Kero Kero Bonito smoothly tell us we all gon' die in flames in "When the fires come"

Kero Kero Benito are back with a new song. Out of nowhere. I'm shocked. But also like 'Well, this IS how they do'. They don't ever let people know when shit is dropping. You find out shit is dropping when the damn thing been dropped.

KKB's new song "When the fires come" could be seen as a response to the Amazon looking like Death mountain, global warming or the Rapture - which can't come soon enough, because bitch...dis life. The video looking like a cross between Rey scavenging in Star Wars: The force awakens and Wall-E, this is a clear commentary on how we treat the Earth like trash and we all gon' die in flames because of it.

I'm really hoping they drop a remix or a sequel to this called "When the ice caps come".

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