5 reasons why you need to watch Perfume's Coachella set

Perfume are performing at Coachella this year. They may not have the media attention nor the main stage that BLACKPINK have, but that should not be used as any indication of the level at which they operate when it comes to a live performance, because their professionalism? Far too much.

Perfume have been in the game for 15 years which is pretty unprecedented for a girl group period, much less a J-Pop one. As cute as BLACKPINK are, they don't put on the type of shows that Perfume do. In fact, there is no group that puts on the types of shows that Perfume do and this is what separates them completely from your faves.

If that wasn't enough to intrigue you, let's go through all of the reasons why you should watch Perfume do their thing, whether your nasty ass is sweating in California or you're sat at home with time to spare for a YouTube livestream.

1. The vibes and the experience
If you've never been to a Perfume gig or watched one of their sets before, then you may …

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