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Ayaka breaks out of hospital to perform at the Tokyo sky tree

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Ayaka sings the shit out of "Tsuyoku omou" live

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Wishing you skanks a very merry holiday

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Kumi Kehovah steps out to promote perfume. Looks on point.

Solange gives trueness on stage at the Bowery ballroom. Makes Beyoncé take a seat in the crowd

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SISTAR put nuts in their mouth in a Snickers commercial

Beyoncé to be paid loads of money to act like she loves Pepsi

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Mariah talks her way through "All I want for Christmas is you" on Jimmy Fallon

Perfume go cute 'n shit for a song "Mirai no museum" *throws up in bucket*

Ayu's "Wake me up" features in a TV commercial. Reverts back to shrieking on songs.

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