Ayaka breaks out of hospital to perform at the Tokyo sky tree

Ayaka breaks out of hospital to perform at the Tokyo sky tree | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

Back in 2006 Ayaka was diagnosed with graves disease. She put her career on hold following the release of her second studio album Sing to the sky and spent most of her time recuperating and being treated.

Despite not being able to actively promote it, Ayaka released a third studio album which went straight in at number 1 on the ORICON charts. And even though Ayaka should be taking it easy right now, sitting at home chilling at her kotatsu drinking miso soup and having her feet massaged by her husband; she's hauling her ass to tour, release singles and is performing in a mini skirt and knee high boots at the Tokyo sky tree - because that is just how Ayaka rolls. Healthy able bodied bitches need to step their game up.

Ayaka will be releasing a brand new single "Beautiful" in February which will act as the theme song to the NTV J-drama Share house no koibito, which marks the first time in almost 5 years that a song of her will be tied in with a drama, the last being her single "Okaeri" in Zettai kareshi - a drama I tried to like, but Saki AIbu has one of those faces I want to throw a set of keys at.

Ayaka's recent activity is brilliant for fans who have been missing seeing her active over the past couple years. It also speaks greatly about her health that she is able to get out there and show able bodied chicks with a clean bill of health a thing or two about hustle. Other chicks cancel shows because of colds and shit. Ayaka has a long term disease and is popping her pussy at the foot of the Tokyo sky tree. Ayaka could be struck down in a wheelchair with a colonoscopy bag dangling under the left titty and this woman would still wheel her ass to a stage to perform.

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  1. I recently just got into Ayaka, it took me a while to appreciate her music, but now I love her. I'm glad I decided to give her a chance because although she released her first two albums years ago, it's all new to me and it give me a ton of new, GOOD music to spin. Blue Days is currently my favorite song from her!

  2. You can tell she loves what she does, can't wait for a new single.

    Bitches in Japan have some resiliency. Ayumi had her ear drum go out on her (probably because it wanted to get away from her screeching) and girl kept her career going, Namie damn had her mother KILLED and the bitch released a single, Koda Kumi basically popped her baby out during a stage rehearsal break and ate nothing but grass while clipping that umbilical cord so she wouldn't trip on it while dancing, Ami Suzuki was blacklisted by everybody and everything in Japan and girl performed at damn colleges until getting with Avex, and now this bitch has fucking graves disease and is promoting her ass off.

    American artists need to learn a little something from these bitches.


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