Bonus material [4 bonus tracks]: Beyoncé - Lay up under me + Dance for you

Music video: Jennifer Hudson - No one gonna love you

New music: Namie Amuro - Naked

Girls' generation provide "The great escape" at Japan's VMA's

Bonus material [4 bonus track]: Beyoncé - Schoolin' life

Britney dances like old times on her Femme fatale tour...O'RLY!?

Mariah drops the new remix...of her perfume.

Music video: Britney Spears - I wanna go

Britney teases. Looks less dead than before. ♪ I-I-I wanna go-oh-oh ♪

Music video: Katy Perry - Last Friday night (T.G.I.F)

Music video: Lady Gaga - The edge of glory

New music: Kelly Rowland featuring Big Sean - Lay it on me

Remix: Wonder Girls - 2 different tears (Robotaki remix)

Oh look, it's Ciara!!!

Friendly fires take their "Blue cassette" to Jimmy Kimmel

Girls' generation gangsta schedule

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Britney talks (tell some lies) about her Femme fatale

The Forehead acts a tramp on stage

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Girls' generation holla for their "Mr. Taxi" on Hey! Hey! Hey!

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Single art: Britney Spears - I wanna go

New music: Nicola Roberts - Beat of my drum

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The ginger one does a little dance