Friendly fires take their "Blue cassette" to Jimmy Kimmel

Friendly fires - Blue cassette @ Jimmy Kimmel | Live performance

Friendly fires released their sophomore album Pala in the UK on the ultimate down low three weeks ago. And by the looks of things it seems they've managed to sneak in a release for the US too! I'm not entirely sure why. As great as the album is, I can't see it doing a damn thing in the States. And I'm wondering how the hell they got a gig on Jimmy Kimmel! I guess their label is hoping the guys can ride off of the interest the US is taking into UK export Adele. But that shit will not work. Especially not with slap dash performances like this...

I love this song. Not only is it one of my favorites from Friendly fires' Pala album, but it's officially my Summer '11 jam. And Ed sucked the hotness right out of it. He didn't even resort to his back up plan of when all else fails, just dance like a crack head. He did for a bit, but then he stopped. He should have kept going...right off the damn stage with this mess.

I urge you to please listen to the album version of "Blue cassette", because it's amazing. And this performance is not even the slightest of showcases for how great a song it is.

Album review: Friendly fires' second studio album Pala


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