The Brie Larson version of Metric's "Black Sheep" from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is finally here after 84 years

The Brie Larson version of Metric's "Black Sheep" from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is finally here after 84 years | Random J Pop

A friend of mine was a huge Soctt Pilgrim fan, who sat me down and forced me to watch the film knowing I'd really like it (I really did). And when saw the scene of Brie Larson singing on stage, I turned to my friend and asked 'What fucking song is this and is it on the soundtrack!?'. Turns out the song was "Black Sheep" and that it was on the soundtrack, but it was...a different version of the song. "Black Sheep" is a song which was originally recorded by Canadian rock band Metric, which was then performed by Brie Larson in the film.

The Metric version of "Black Sheep" is still good. BUT...the Brie version was my version of preference, and I like many others had to make do with a film rip of the song.

But as part of Scott Pilgrim's 10th anniversary, in addition to the film re-releasing into cinemas, it came a re-release of the soundtrack, which for the first time includes the Brie Larson version of the song "Black Sheep". And then Metric, being the ever amazing sports that they are, posted the video of the Brie version on their own YouTube channel.

The Metric version of the song still rocks. It was through Scott Pilgrim vs. The World that I got into Metric in the first place. But I'm sure even Metric would agree that Brie did a great job of this song, and fully understand why fans favour it. 

It's wild to think that three of the actors (Chris Evans, Brandon Routh and Brie Larson) in Scott Pilgrim vs,. The World all went on to star in big franchise superhero movies. Four if you count Mary Elizabeth Winstead starring in Birds of Prey.

If you've not watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, do yourself a favour and watch it. It's a great film which still holds to this day, and is a shining example of how to do a live action adaptation of a comic book RIGHT. 

I really hope that despite the whole Ant-Men debacle that Edgar Wright ends up directing something for Marvel Studios, because he'd be fantastic. Maybe things would work out better now that it seems Marvel are embracing weird, wacky shit and letting writers and directors bring more of themselves to projects for phase four of the MCU, in addition to Edgar Wright and Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige having buried the hatchet. But that's a whole other conversation.