Britney teases. Looks less dead than before. ♪ I-I-I wanna go-oh-oh ♪

What is Britney doing with a microphone?


  1. She looks like they've stopped pumping her full of drugs which is good but she also looks like she's doing the "Im pretending to have a good time" face that i sometimes do when im out and am not feeling it lol
    You gotta review some of her FF tour performances, people are saying she's doing much better but i havn't seen yet so can't comment.

  2. Well I'm just hoping that she'll actually DANCE in this video. Cuz all her previous vids have sucked major baboon balls in the *dance dept*. What happened to the old Britney? Oh rite: 2 failed marriages, gettn fat, & raising 2 kids thats wat happened. Poor thing I almost feel sorry for her. She's still young enough for complex choreography, she's just being lazy as hell is all. I jus read that her current tour is doing horribly in ticket sales w/in the 33 cities mark. Hopefully she'll wakeup & start promoting herself & dancing like she did, when she 1st came on the scene. Otherwise she needs to throw in the towel, put down the dam microphone, raise those dam sons, & retire!!!!!!!!

  3. @Anonymous, um why is Britney not dancing as she did? Maybe having 2 kids, a mental breakdown and pumped full of medication might be something to do with it???
    Actually the tour has been getting great reviews and having seen some clips myself now i can see why, i'm the first to admit her dancing this era has been lame but she seems to have really improved quite a bit looking at the tour footage and she actually looks like she's putting effort and energy into it and like she's having FUN which is great.


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