Girls' generation provide "The great escape" at Japan's VMA's

Girls' generation / Shoujo jidai / SNSD - The great escape & Mr. Taxi @ MTV VMA Japan | Live performance

As Girls' generation trek on with their domination of Japan, they stopped by MTV's Video music aid show in Japan. Their schedule for their Japanese and Korean promo may be gruelling, but these girls showed no sign of fatigue as their pussy popped and pranced their way across the stage. The SNSD-bots shut shit down. I never thought I'd ever speak those words, but they did. And they've never looked better.

These girls mimed like some mother f**kers. But the performance of "The great escape" was so hot that I'm willing to sweep that under a rug. The girls looked amazing and they worked the hell out of that routine. There was pussy popping, slow grinding and open legs. 4 minute need to step their game up, but Taeyeon and Jessica are ready to snatch Hyuna's shit right out of the roots. Great performance. One of the best I've seen from Girls' generation since the days of "Tell me your wish (Genie)" - when they were on form. I don't even know why they bothered with "Mr. Taxi". That shit was so boring to watch after how they turned it out for "The great escape". They did the song the up-most justice. I would have cussed these hoes out if they hadn't, because "The great escape" is one of my favourite songs from their Japanese debut. The whole thing just stinks of Janet Jackson, and I love it.

Also, why the hell was MiChi not performing something? Bitch should have been on that stage thrashing her shit out to "Love is". Not introducing an act. I am disappoint. Sony may as well just spit in her face.

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  1. I actually preferred the first performance of this from Music Station because the stage was smaller and it complimented the Flawless Nine.

    And they didn't pussy pop, they are too classy for that. Leave those cheap slut antics to a talentless whore like HYENA.


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