Bonus material: Wonder girls - 2 different tears (Robotaki remix)

19 year old music whiz Robotaki  has a bit of a thing for remixing K-Pop. Lucky for us. Because his remix of the Wonder girls' hit single "2 different tears2 is the absolute shit. Plucked up from its sugar coated pop roots and spinning pile-driven it into some old skool dirty electro pop that Daft Punk would be proud to be the Godfathers of.

Listen: 2 different tears (Robotaki remix)

© 2010 JYP entertainment / LOEN entertainment / Robotaki

Not only should Daft Punk be proud of this remix and adopt the hell out of it like a Malawian orphan, but JYP should be too. This shit is AMAZING! If JYP comissioned this and released it to the Western market, the Wonder girls could actually have a shot at a hit.

I loved the original. But this remix right here is where its at. Electro loving bitches just got their wigs ripped straight off of their heads with this.


  1. I like it. It's better than the original!


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