Britney talks (tell some lies) about her Femme fatale

With Britney's Femme fatale tour set to kick off next week, Britney has finally come out of hiding to do interview (i.e respond to pre-fixed questions with a bunch of rehearsed answers).

What Britney said: "There are a lot of surprises in this show".
What Britney meant: I might dance good for 30 seconds in ONE song.

What Britney said: "You definitely get a show!"
What Britney meant: The dancers and the set will be so on point that I won't matter.

What Britney said: "The costumes are very elaborate".
What Britney meant: The fishnet tights will not have rips.

Britney looked sweet. But this doesn't mean I'mma give her a pass. This woman needs to fix the f**k up. Everybody is raving about her rehearsal reviews, but they would. Because they're all Britney stans. And chances are Jive records gave them a sack of money to not say one bad word about the tour. Jive knew not to fly me out to that rehearsal. I would have cussed that shit right out if it was anything like her televised performances of "Till the world ends" and those mess performances at this years' Billboard awards.

The set list for this tour is going to be killer. I doubt the same will be said for Britney's live stage game.

Album review: Britney Spears is (supposedly) the Femme fatale


  1. I this is the best interview she's done in a while, she doesn't seem drugged up at all actually...
    With Britney i always just get to HOPING AND PRAYING that she just magically turns her swag on and kills it, hopefully she does on this tour but even if she doesn't people go to have a good time and see a good show which will happen anyway.
    The clips look really good and i know they're only short so i can't really judge on her dancing but the set and costumes look AMAZING.
    I wish she'd wear flats on tour though, heels and her meds are what make her dance crap these days IMO.


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