Britney dances like old times on her Femme fatale tour...O'RLY!?

Britney Spears dances like old times on her Femme fatale tour | WTF?

Britney's dancing ability wasn't a big deal until "I'm a slave 4 U" came along. This was the first time we saw Britney run a circle around a routine. Bitch pussy popped, worked in a slow grind, some jazz hands and some weave flicks with a Janet Jackson sense style of precision and flair we'd not really seen from a white girl in Pop before. It was from this point on that you had to give this chick props for being good at something. Britney could dance the best out of all of the other white girls out at the time. Let's throw it back to that MTV moment in history when Britney premiered "I'm a slave 4 U" at the 2001 VMA's.

9 years later and this is what we get from who I am questioning is the very same woman...

When Britney went down to the floor, I didn't think she was going to get back up. I want to say that she was at least trying. But she didn't look like she was. It's not even just about the dancing any more, but just the way Britney carries herself. Even when Britney was simply walking in that VMA performance, she was walking with rhythm. Walking with swagger. In the Femme fatale performance Britney was just flouncing around the stage. At no point did I feel she owned her own performance space or felt remotely relevant.

Fans are saying Birntey is dancing like old times and that she "slayed" this routine and "killed it". Yeah, she killed it alright. Killed it softly. Let's watch another video of Britney actually dancing. Just so us rational folk who haven't been indoctrinated know we are going crazy when we say that Birtney is NOT dancing or swagging even remotley how she used to. Not even close.

She went harder with that choreography than she did at the famed VMA's. Did it in stiletto heels. Splits and everything. And ran through that whole routine better than her back-up dancers. Bye Britney.


  1. I decided to humor myself and watch that video from her tour. What, exactly, are those people cheering about? That shit was pathetic. She was doing spins in slow motion and was barely moving her arms. It's like she can't be bothered to give a shit, why do her fans?

    Her concerts = biggest scam in the music industry.

  2. Im not even dellusional about Britney, she is not "dancing like she used too" by any means but it is an improvement on her recent promo performances, hopefully she continues to improve.


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