Oh look, it's Ciara!!!

Ciara spotted in Vegas | Snapped

Ciara was pictured in Vegas laying on a performance, looking a bit like a contestant on RuPaul's Drag race.

I forgot all about Ciara! An easy thing to do given she hasn't had a legitimate hit since 2004.

I don't know what this chick is doing with her career, but she needs to do something. I have no idea what exactly. Given that Ciara did what everybody wanted her to do for Basic instinct and yet her shit still went down like a mis-timed feather jump in the Ghost valley of Super Mario Kart.

She must be feeling like a piece of shit right now. Jive pump more money into a wife beater than you, whose album goes into the top 10 whilst your shit isn't even in the charts any more!? And you're having to borrow 10 dollars from Lala and Serena Williams just so a chick can get a bite to eat? Ciara had better start working them poles in Vegas if she wants some some holla and some dollar. Otherwise everybody will be forgetting about her. And it won't matter how well she can pussy pop and move herself on stage.

To this day I still can't believe how Fantasy ride's "Work" got done. That song and video could have been the career saver right there. Ciara's situation was a mess from The evolution. Because "Like a boy" should have been a smash, but only Jebus knows what happened with the horrendous roll out of that song and its fly as hell music video which pretty much went to waste. And everybody who knows about that album knows Jive were wrong for not releasing "My love" and then dropping a music video for "That's right" when nobody was remotely caring about that album any more.

Ciara gets sexy for performance in Las Vegas @ Neon limelight

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