Bonus material [4 bonus track]: Beyoncé - Schoolin' life

The Dream - Nothing but love

Beyoncé has a bonus track on her fourth studio album 4lop. It's called "Schoolin' life". And it comes courtesy of The Dream and Tricky Stewart. It sounds like old school Prince and classic Whitney. It sounds like it should have been a damn single.

Listen: Schoolin' life

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Somebody at Columbia records needs to tell me why this shoulda-been-a-single and shoulda-been-the-album-opening-track was relegated to being a bonus track. "Schoolin' life" throws "1 + 1" under Beyoncé's wig train. She sings the absolute hell out of this song. Her vocal game at the tail end damn near killed me. "Schoolin' life" was love on a first listen. I really like the direction Tricky Stewart and The Dream took Beyoncé in on this, because it suits her to the ground; and she's one of the few ladies in the game right now who could pull this song off and run the circles around it that she does.

It's great that thought is being put into B's lyrics too, as "Schoolin' life" is in-fact auto-biographical. We all know that Mathew had a chick in heels at age 13 for real. Beyoncé had already climbed Mt. Fuji in a 6 inch stiletto before most other chicks even had their first pair. My mistake. the song is only semi-auto-biographical. Beyoncé claims she writes good love letters, but we all know the chick can't so much as write as a shopping list on a post-it.


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