Music video: Jennifer Hudson - No one gonna love you

Of all the women with all the weaves in the world, and L'Oréal pick Jennifer Hudson to product place their hair spray in her video. Her weave is a lace fronted mess. You could see her ragged natural hairline underneath that shit.

And Jenny. If you is going to dance, then dance. Don't be sitting up in a room looking fly with your 2 back up dancers behind you like you are about to show weight loss bitches how to step, if you are just going to sit down whilst your home girls pussy pop upside down in the background.

"No one gonna love you" is one of my faves from Jennifer's sophomore set. I always thought "I remember me" would have been pushed as the single, but I guess her label wants something catchy and Summery for R&B radio instead. Plus, ain't nothing like a kiss-off man hating anthem to blaze R&B radio during the Summer season.


  1. I kept waiting for her to break it down with the pussy popping, but bitch just sat in the chair. Looks like she's been watching too many Namie Amuro and Britney performances and videos.


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