The Forehead acts a tramp on stage

Ronald McDonald's hollaback ho shared the trade secret of how she helps her n***a Ronald sell those nasty hambugers and boxes of pebble rock chicken nuggets.

Watch The Forehead mumble her way through her Loud joint "Skin", before pulling up a grown woman from the crowd who looks like somebodies mother and proceeding to grind and pussy pop all up on her.

I won't lie. This was kinda hot. I'm sure RiRi's mother is proud of how her daughter's music continues to play second fiddle to her smuttiness.

Album review: The Forehead puts on her Ronald McDonald wig and gets Loud


  1. that was too short and Rihanna has no ass!

  2. IDGAF Rihanna is SO sexual... she got me questioning my sexuality here lmfao...


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