Music video: Rihanna - Man down

Just when you think Rihanna's wigs can't look any worse, she manages to prove you wrong. That shit looked so terrible that somebody should have tricked a pistol and shot her.

This video disappointed me greatly. I know The Forehead was trying to put out a message and shit. But couldn't she have worked a bit of whining into that message? You mean to tell me this bitch will go all out for a jam like "Rude boy", but when it comes down to a flat put reggae song she won't cock her legs open and skank and her vagina? Mess.

I'm surprised The Forehead took it there with the rape. Although it took dense ol' me a couple of watches to twig that she had gotten raped. And I couldn't help but think "Wow. This shit is really not helping Jamaica". Come visit Jamaica! The island of gun crimes, rape and bad weaves. Though in The Forehead's defense this was a slight consensus long before this video came along.

I'm waiting for somebody to upload a version of this video to YouTube with Chris Brown's face rotoscoped into the scenes.


  1. haha well since she's Bajan it's not really advocating for Barbados either. The best part of the video is when you can see her tits in that white outfit she's wearing. This video is already coming under heavy criticism for "promoting violence". I hate how everyone seems to think that the world is made of smiles and rainbows, and that issues like rape and gun violence don't occur nearly every day in places like Jamaica.

  2. It's quite stupid considering, in the song, she's talking about it as if killing the guy were an accident. Yet the video shows it's definitely premeditated. There are plenty of videos that don't match the song but this one obviously tried and failed.

  3. she'd love to make american chris brown pay the price for every islang nig that raped her over and over. she is the absolutely worse jamaican reggae singer i ever heard. they should be protesting.


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