Music video: Britney Spears - I wanna go

So, Britney manages to take a Disco / Euro-house injected song of hers and avoid any form of dancing like an Alligator infested swamp. And instead goes for another "Womanizer", "Toxic" like video where she is playing out various scenario's and having a bit of a fun. This is not the type of video this song should have had, but whatever. Let's run it down.

0:09 Britney must have had a stunt double walk up in those heels. Because we know Britney loves them Ugg's on set.

0:16 Junk food, smiles, candy sunshine and laughter are all things which have been banned from home girls' life since Blackout.

0:32 I chuckled. Britney dropping F-bombs is funny because it reminds me of that train wreck period in her life when I found her most interesting.

0:44 Who the hell gave this bitch a microphone!?

0:49 Avril Lavinge called. She wants her "Girlfriend" look back.

0:55 So what... Dude couldn't even cop the Deluxe edition of Femme fatale? And he calls himself a fan!?

0:58 5 years ago Britney would have done more than this. She would have put her tongue all up in that dude's arse hole.

1:05 Britney's eyes are looking tired. Jebus know what from. It's not like she really does anything. Unless that's a side effect from the pills that her Father and Adam Leber grind into her food.

1:29 Oh look. Britney's flashing a child. Real appropriate. I'm sure she'd appreciate a woman whipping a titty out at Sean Preston when he's 11 years old. Tramp.

1:30 Britney flashing her titties in the street would not be a big deal. C'mon now. We've already seen her vagina like 8 times already in the past 4 years.

1:35 The cop is sexy.

1:37 Britney's actually rocking her head like she has rhythm! I thought her sense of rhythm was dead alongside her passion for her career.

1:50 Britney is not convincing me she wants to have sex with this cop. If she wants, I can show her how. Because I'm letting out my freak tonight.

1:55 I'm thinking there may be a Volkswagon cheque waiting to be cleared into Britney's account. We've seen that car badge in clear shot twice now.

1:56 Those are the same handcuffs Britney chains her kids to the coffee table with when she wants to go Starbucks, but can't be bothered to take the kids with her and has too short a notice to find a baby sitter.

1:57 Also, where the hell did Britney and that cop have all the sex? If they did it on the floor next to that Volkswagon, then they is nasty. Wasn't that dude still sitting in it the whole time!?

2:31 You want to run from the paparazzi, so of course the best place to go is stood on the top of a yellow taxi in the middle of a main street.

2:47 Seriously. Who the hell keeps giving Britney these microphones!?

3:17 Oh look, it's Dominic Monaghan.

3:22 Snap! Will Ferrell!!

3:32 Britney's not wearing her seat belt. But that's okay. Because she doesn't make her kids wear theirs neither.

3:33 Where is Britney's white jacket? I didn't see her take it off and it's not in the back set of the car...

3:43 Britney would so f**k that dude in the car. After all, she did let Kevin Federline hit it unprotected. If he'd thrown a Starbucks latte all up in his face instead of just milk, she'd be pregnant with his child already.

4:27 MJ "Thriller" homage. Nice.

This video was colourful and it was fun. But I wouldn't watch this again. It's a forgettable, and it wouldn't make a VH1 countdown of Britney's best videos. It wouldn't even be considered.

I know people had a whole lot to say about the music video for "Hold it against me", but I still think it's one of her best videos from Femme fatale thus far, and one of her darkest and most visually striking overall.


  1. One of her best videos ever, perfect!

  2. I loved the 'f**k you' bit too, made me laugh! Also I'm surprised you didn't notice 'Crossroads 2' on the front of the cinema at 2.31

  3. Something's wrong with Britney's face and I can't figure out what it is....bad makeup? messed up eyebrow shaping?

  4. I thought it was quite good mostly because there was comedy and she seemed interested. I could roll with it until the Terminator shit @ about 3:15, then a bitch lost me.

  5. Best video of the era BY FAR! She looked fucking alive for the first time in fucking years. good job team spears!


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