Mariah drops the new remix...of her perfume.

Mariah Carey releases Lollipop Splash - the remix | News 'n LOL's
Now, I know Mariah's not trying to push this 9 year old shot from her Rainbow inlay as a new promotional picture for her perfume.

...Well, okay, I guess she is.

Only Mariah would release a remix of her perfumes and actually put it out there as The remix. It sounds dumb, it sounds juvenile. I'll have to assume the Lollipop bling fragrance line is targeted at younger audiences. Because I could not see a grown woman hitting up Boots, buying this fragrance and then hitting up an evening swaray with her grown arse woman girlfriends and telling them "Oh, I'm wearing Mariah's Lollipop splash the remix!" when asked what fragrance has on.

It's great Mariah managed to get at least one remix project off of the ground, after the mess that was the Angel's advocate fiasco.


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