Music video: Katy Perry - Last Friday night (T.G.I.F)

Katy either paid mad money for all of the cameo's. Or homegirl spent some time on her knees...NOT praying.

Katy tweeted out the side of her mouth about blatant product placement in a music video a couple of months ago. But that's okay. Because the Nintendo Wii and Just dance were really subtly placed in her video, so it's cool.

I hate on the bitch. But I do love the hell out of this song. Bets song on the album by FAR! And the video despite being cliched, suits the song to a tee. It's really the only type of video you could do to a song like this; without trying to go left field, make some form of statement and f**king it all up in the process.

And the inclusion of Rebecca Black was cool. I know this little bitch has some hardcore haters, but the chick is getting paid. I will refrain from saying Rebecca looked "hot", because she's under age. But she was working that jacket and that skirt. That's all I'mma say. Her and Katy looked like they really got on! Neither of them can sing and both of them have minimal talent. It's probably what brought them together. Birds of a feather and all that shit.

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