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Now, we all know that Slave Monger entertainment work their artists into the ground. We pretty much saw BoA deteriorate before our eyes as she was shipped in Samsonite suitcase between Japan and America to promote two different albums. Now Girls' generation are the ones who have fans in disarray due to their grueling schedule.

8 June - MJ presents Girls' generation special
9 June - Taiwan Samsung Anniversary
10 June - SM town live world tour in Paris
11 June - SM town live world tour in Paris
12 June - NHK Music Japan
17 June - Japanese arena tour Tokyo
19 June - Japanese arena tour Tokyo
25 June - MTV VMAJ
28 June - Japanese arena tour Tokyo
29 June - Japanese arena tour Tokyo
2 July - Japanese arena tour Hiroshima
3 July - Japanese arena tour Hiroshima
6 July - Japanese arena tour Nagoya
7 July - Japanese arena tour Hiroshima
13 July - Music Bank Tokyo dome special
17 July - Japanese arena tour Fukuoka
18 July - Japanese arena tour Fukuoka
23 July - 2011 Girls' generation tour @ Seoul
24 July - 2011 Girls' generation tour @ Seoul

This schedule doesn't look that bad to me. The girls are doing an arena tour. And these hoes have a nice couple of days off every 3 days or so. I don't know why people is complaining. All they have to do is stand in a line, do the Genie leg, the Gee leg, and the Running devil man and then they can go home and talk about hair and shit. I fthey were embarking on a world tour, this shit would be worse. Fans moaned they wanted to see more activities from these girls, so they're getting it. And now they're complaining.

Although, one of these girls is going to fall off and end up in a hospital if they don't start eating. Because some of these girls look like they've not eaten since "Oh!". Sunny will be the last one standing of course. Because that girl stays fed and looking healthy. But them other hoes will get picked off.

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  1. You know Sunny fainted on stage recently?

  2. Something tells me that they'll be working on the off dates, just not on stage. Maybe photoshoots or radio shows. Definitely practicing. So no, they most likely don't have any days off.


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