Music video: Lady Gaga - The edge of glory

A scrapped video treatment and a director high-tailing it at the last minute is no excuse for this filmed on Sesame street looking mess. If Lady Gaga was the perfectionist she makes herself out to be, then she should have postponed the shooting of the video until everything was in place to get it right. She can talk nonsense about not wanting to disappoint the fans all she wants. But if I were a fan, I'd rather wait for a decent video, than have some slap dash mess be put out. This video does the song NO justice what-so-ever.

If you're a monster and you want a video which captures the song a bit better, looks like it cost some money and speaks to you and all that good shit, then I urge you to watch this instead.


  1. he first time i saw this i only caught the last bit when she was going back through the window and thought it looked quite interesting and cool even though the Vintage Versace is (as usual) so Madonna but then i heard that she'd sacked (or been ditched by) James Khan and was like... i gotta check this and then i saw it and was like... um... nothing is happening, she's just walkin up and down a street and some stairs, couldnt even remember what street it looked like till i read this and you said Sesame Street lmfao!
    She does look like some tranny hooker workin Sesame Street at 5am, can't believe this vid actually got put out tbh... I like the blue and pink smoke thing and even the set but it is just BORING, i guess her MASSIVE ego took over and she shot herself in the foot by losing Khan.


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